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Fan Fic: Infinite Stratos Sacred Twins
— The opening quote
You can't spell Twin Cest without WIN.
— The very Motto

The unholy fic started as experiment by Zero XSEED. It started as Plagiarism (Self admitted by author, then again, what Fan Fic is not one?) because he copied 100% of the dialogue bar some changes to fit the OC Stand In inside...but somehow with the support of the fans (and craziness that is Animesuki IS Fanfic Discussion Thread) the Ship continue to sail.

Following the growing attraction between the Twins in the I.S. academy, Sacred Twins boasted slight difference, you read that right. The plot is almost the same, yet, things seems a LOT too different not to notice...and the story began to show it's true color...

Tropes Covered in the story

Madoka: "Men…are stronger… God made them so; biologically proven … there's a reason most women need hormonal injection to be an excellent bodybuilder, while most men don't. In short, is that mean you did not believe in God?"
Infinite Stratos Prototype SpartanFanFic/Anime And MangaInuYasha

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