Fan Disservice / Western Animation

Cartoons have a treasure trove of moments where you just need some Brain Bleach to wash away the vulgar displays you just saw. This is especially true in Grossout Shows.
  • Archer; nude scenes involving Pam would fit into this category, until Season 5, where she lost a lot of weight.
  • South Park:
    • Among others, Ms. Choksondik's enormous, sagging breasts and the sex scene between her and Mr. Mackey, as well as Ms. Garrison's "boob job".
    • In the episode “Weiners,” some of the boys pull down their pants, exposing their penises to protest. Even some of the other witnesses were disturbed.
  • The Venture Bros.:
    • Memorably invokes this trope during the third season when the Pirate Captain accidentally walks in on Sally Impossible [his employer's girlfriend] while she's undressing. Both start screaming. Now, Sally Impossible is a very attractive woman, but she suffers from an unfortunate affliction: her skin becomes transparent when she's upset. The Pirate Captain staggers out of the room with an exclamation of, "That was messed up on a whole lot of levels."
    • Not to mention that pretty much all the nudity (full or partial) in the series is of middle-aged to old men. The extended nude scene with Colonel Gentlemen stands out especially.
    • A season 5 episode gives us the power suit of the SPHINX Countess, a tight Powered Armour with fan service-y curves, which the wearer of it poses in very provocative positions. The problem is that the person who winds up wearing the suit is Hank Venture.
  • Teen Titans:
    • Raven's clothes-tearing scene with Slade in the episode "Birthmark" carried some seriously ugly overtones. A well known Adobe Flash hentai artist did an H version of this scene, with the same voice acting and just new art. It works perfectly.
    • The scene in "Date With Destiny" where Fang and Kitten reconcile might have been romantic had she not been kissing a mutation with a spider for a head. Even Robin and Starfire were grossed out.
  • Batman: The Animated Series
    • The villain Baby Doll is constantly flashing her lacy white panties — in her second appearance, they even fill the screen for a moment. This is a callback to older school of animation where flashing panties signified innocence, but the fact that she has the body of a 6-year-old girl and the mind and voice of a (seriously deranged) adult woman sends it into squick instead. And then there's her relationship with Killer Croc, which even Batman says he doesn't want to think about.
    • The Joker pacing around his hideout in nothing but a tank top and Goofy Print Underwear in "Harley & Ivy", revealing way too much of his bone-white flesh to the world. Or the Joker getting his pants pulled off, baring his legs and aforementioned underwear to all of Gotham City in "Make 'Em Laugh". Or the Joker wearing a 1920s-style men's swimsuit in "Harlequinade", again baring his arms and legs. Any scene in which this disfigured clown doesn't keep all his clothes on.
    • Harley Quinn isn't much better. Her curvaceous jester suit is fine, but in "Mad Love" she is shown nearly naked - in a red negligee that leaves almost nothing to the imagination - while still wearing the wacky jester cap, eye-mask, and white makeup. The Imagine Spot that shows Harley in a hospital bed in nothing but a bra, having apparently painted her torso chalk-white to match the Joker's, giving birth to a set of twins the Joker has fathered, who are of course mutant clown-children is even worse.
  • In Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, there are many shirtless shots of Robotnik. The epitome of this trope, however, is that bikini shot in "Hero of the Year" (seen on the main page).
  • In The Oblongs the squat, toad-like Helga is always flashing her underwear. She also appeared fully naked once.
  • The first episode of The Boondocks features Robert "Granddad" Freeman exercising naked to a Tae-bo video. It's blurred out in the broadcast version, but not in the DVD version.
  • Futurama:
    • It is mentioned that nudity is not as taboo in the future, but you can be sure that the characters that engage in said nudity will be the ones you least want to see naked.
    • The 150-year-old Professor Farnsworth is much too fond of taking off his clothes. Bonus Squick points when he's with the equally ancient Mom.
    • All of the characters switching bodies with one another. When Fry and Leela eventually end up in the bodies of Zoidberg and the Professor respectively they start going at it right in the middle of Elzar's dining room to prove that they don't love each other for their looks.
    • The episode after that had a nearly naked female Omicronian, the aliens that invade Earth, as a model for a magazine. Let’s just say, one look would make you lose interest in that girl.
    • Done again in the Gender Bender episode "Neutopia". The whole episode is mostly a parody of Fanservice, but those images of Zoidberg and the Professor will require industrial strength Brain Bleach to wash away. Still, Leela points out that some people are in to that sort of thing:
    Leela: Thankfully, most of our fans are huge perverts.
    • In the movie Futurama: Bender's Big Score one of the nudist alien scammers goes back in time and has sex with himself. When we first see them, they start making out, but mercifully, one of them dies shortly afterwards.
    • The Earth military officers' uniforms are a parody of the infamous TOS female uniforms. It's the same miniskirted uniform- on the guys.
    • Dr. Zoidberg when he molts his shell is worth a mention. Fry almost vomits when he sees him on the Nude Beach Planet.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender:
    • To the beach! The ancient twin crone advisors whip off their over-robes to reveal swimsuits. Worse yet is when they're actually animated; they visibly drop several inches (To scale, anyway...).
    • Also when Lo and Li decide to imitate the pose in a portrait done in their younger days, Zuko nearly throws up.
    • In universe with Iroh standing up in the bath, which is extremely disturbing for poor Zuko.
  • In the Avatar sequel, The Legend of Korra, Aang's Amazonian Beauty sucessor Korra is bound and hancuffed twice. Both times she has either been or is about to be subjected to huge breaking processes - specially the second time, when she's also mercury poisoned in an attempt to get forced into the Avatar State so her captors can kill her when in it and end the Avatar cycle.
  • Family Guy:
    • There was that cutaway in "Airport '07" with Peter in place of Britney Spears in her infamous upskirt picture. On TV, the lower nudity was blurred out; on the uncut DVD, it was not.
    • "The Story on Page One" features Peter attempting to turn Luke Perry gay by dancing around in front of him in nothing but a thong. Perry is understandably disgusted.
    • Later episodes of Family Guy (particularly season 3 and all the seasons after the show came back from cancellation) seemed to show Peter naked a lot, particularly while he's drunk (as seen in "Screwed the Pooch" and "Jungle Love"), and there's an instance where Peter gets naked (along with Lois) because they felt bad about being prejudiced against Meg's nudist boyfriend. Nothing's explicitly shown (it is on network TV after all), but still, the fans are often subjected to Peter Griffin's fat, naked ass.
    • And then we have the Family Guy/Simpsons Crossover, pictured above. Only Chief Wiggum enjoyed it.
  • Metalocalypse :
    • Season 03 is uncensored on DVD. Sounds like a good thing, with all those naked groupies, right? Not when Toki's horrifying internet ladymate's nude scene is missing those censor bars, it's not.
    • The naked groupies aren't necessarily a good thing when one remembers that some of them are Skwisgaar's GMILFs.
  • King of the Hill:
    • The worst offender is the very conservative, he-waited-until-marriage Hank walking in on his mother having sex with her new boyfriend on Hank's kitchen table in "The Unbearable Blindness of Laying." It manages to blind him for a few days due to being unable to cope.
    • Also the occasional shot of Hank's withered ass, such as one scene in "After the Mold Rush" where Hank was forced to wear a revealing hospital gown after being evacuated from his home mid-shower.
    Dale: Leave it to you to make a hospital gown look unsexy, Hank.
    • After the first time you see Hank's bare behind in season one's "Hank's Unmentionable Problem," Hank personally apologizes to the audience for it just before the credits roll.
    • After having some sort of weird vision as a result of being depraved from food and sleep long enough in "Vision Quest," Dale thinks he is a Native American. One of the things he does is go to Joseph's school wearing almost nothing but what could best be described as a dead animal thong.
    Dooley: I can see your dad's junk.
    • After Peggy, Nancy and Minh rank their husbands and other men on the block from ugliest to sexiest in "Get Your Freak Off," it turns into a competition between them which culminates in a closeup of a red thong on Dale peeking up from his jeans as he mows. Nancy then gives Peggy a "sexy" look and swipes her hand through the air like a cat, making the scene even creepier.
  • Of all the characters on Chowder, Miss Endive appears in a bathing suit and skimpy outfits the most out of all the characters. Especially bad, since there's the occasional Gross-Up Close-Up and muffin top.
  • In The Emperor's New Groove, this trope applies to pretty much every moment that ancient villainess Yzma is on the screen, but in particular:
    Kuzco: I can't believe this is happening!
    Yzma: Then I bet you weren't expecting this!
    Yzma starts to pull up her dress.
    Kuzco and Pacha: Arrggh! Noo!
    Yzma: [revealing a knife strapped to her thigh] Aha!
    Kuzco: Oh, okay.
  • As noted elswhere on this very wiki, Ursula is probably the first Disney villain to shake her moneymakers for the camera. Given that Ursula is a fat and incredibly skanky octopus woman, the proper reaction is some horrible mixture of Squick and laughter.
    "And don't underestimate the importance of... BODY LANGUAGE!!"
  • Total Drama Island
    • Here's a drinking game: watch and count how many times Owen appears naked or exposes his privates.
    • Also, anytime Chef crossdresses. One particularly egregious example was a skimpy bikini during the boxing challenge in "Million Dollar Babies".
    • Alejandro jiggling his moobs at the confession cam.
  • The Simpsons :
    • Patty and Selma, very intentionally so with Vocal Dissonance, including subverting the Victoria's Secret Compartment.
      "Double your pleasure, Springfield!"
    • In "Gump Roast", Skinner's mother is on stage in an Absolute Cleavage dress. When Abe Simpson asks in surprise what's holding it up, Sideshow Mel responds on behalf of the audience (both in-universe and out):
      "The collective will of every man in this room!"
    • In "Blame it on Lisa," Homer tried wearing a speedo, but it got sucked into his butt cheeks. He tried putting on another one, but it got sucked in too. Even the other beach goers were grossed out.
    • In "The Last Temptation of Homer", Homer was in an elevator with an attractive female coworker, he invoked this trope by first imagining Patty and Selma shaving her legs, then the obese (even more than Homer) Barney Gumble dancing in a bikini (and singing the I Dream of Jeannie theme song) in order to prevent himself from being attracted to her.
    • In "Marge Simpson in: Screaming Yellow Honkers", at the Springfield Elementary Teachers' talent show, Miss Krabappel sings "Fever" while wearing a dress made of balloons which she periodically pops, horrifying the audience.
    Bart: Kill me...
  • Regular Show:
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy had a few, particularly the episode where all three Eds squeezed into teeny tiny speedos.
  • In the Adventure Time episode "Gotcha!", Lumpy Space Princess, who can more or less be described as a sentient purple cloud, tries to seduce Finn to help with her tell-all romance advice book. The Episode Title Card shows her wearing a revealing dress while winking suggestively at the audience.
  • Celebrity Deathmatch managed to have both this and Fanservice. Models Rebecca Romijn and Naomi Campbell have a match in their underwear...which ends with Naomi vomiting up her own stomach and spraying Rebecca with lethal stomach acid, causing her to melt down into a flesh-colored puddle of goop with only her bra and panties remaining.
  • The Fairly OddParents! has this picture. Timmy has seen too much information already.
  • Tex Avery cartoons, naturally.
    • The most characteristic example is Grandma in Red Hot Riding Hood'', who Wolfie is unlucky enough to marry.
  • The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy:
    • In "Dumb Luck", Billy's clothing is unraveled, revealing his disgusting body. Actually, just about any time Billy is naked. Grim lampshades it best in "That's My Mummy".
      Grimm: The only people cursed around here are us, for having to be exposed to Billy's butt naked-tism.
    • In "Wishbones", Sperg (the fat bully who always picks on Billy) wishes to be a girl. The results are not pretty.
  • Superjail! has its own share of this:
    • Alice tends to get hit with unsettling closeups or general shots that show her mucus, body hair, and rough features in graphic detail, when it's not the bulge in her skirt getting the viewers' attention.
    • The season 2 DVD was actually uncensored (save for one gag that was intended to be censored to start with Alice's penis). That means that viewers are treated to full-frontal nudity of the Warden, among other things deemed too sexually explicit or suggestive for TV (although most other examples aren't as "bad"), such as Paul and a male stripper grinding and Alice doing so to Jean.
    • The Doctor is shown completely naked in "Mayhem Donor", exposing his fat, pink hairy body to all. Luckily, said fat prevents the viewers from seeing anything more.
    • Invoked in-universe for Jacknife in "Ladies' Night", when he presses "yes" on a machine to see a picture of a nude woman... and winds up seeing the bloodied and splayed body of the old woman he brutalized for her clothing (in an attempt to sneak into the bar's ladies' night special).
    • The sex scene in "Stingstress" is treated as this in-universe and out-of-universe, with the inmates' reactions and the acid-trip imagery becoming nightmarish. One visual depicts the Mistress being fed a worm-filled taco.
    • "Nightshift" depicts the lunch ladies, already depicted as hideous and crude, sabotaging Alice's meals in various disgusting ways, culminating in one taking off her soiled underwear and mixing it up in a stew.
    • Between the unibrows and the four nipples, the Twins' shirtless scenes get received this way by some viewers. But when it comes to their brothers (The Triplets), viewers wind up treated to the even worse visual of an overweight, pink torso and four "moobs" spraying out red liquid.
  • Drawn Together does this a lot. Toot Braunstein in particular (formerly the page image, but was pulled due to going too far), a former sex symbol who's fallen out of her prime, really shows off the "fallen out of her prime" part.
  • Code Lyoko: Anything that is supposed to be fanservice provided by Jim Moralès, like synchronized swimming. He would be better off not talking about it or SHOWING it off.
  • In The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes!, the buxom Wasp suffers major Clothing Damage, with most of her costume torn up and leaving her near naked. Unfortunately, this happens as a result of her being exposed to gamma radiation and mutating into a giant humanoid wasp, making it anything but sexy.
  • Dead Space: Downfall has a scene involving a rather curvy, leggy redhead who wears nothing but a bath towel. Before you get too excited, when she's on-screen, she's running for her life from the shambling, horribly mutilated alien-undead monstrosities that were once her colleagues, and they end up brutally killing her shortly after. Also, shortly before that, you get a good view of a fat middle-aged guy's penis.
  • Heffer in the Rocko's Modern Life episode "Seat to Stardom."
  • Steven Universe: In "Jailbreak", Lapis and Jasper's Fusion Dance. It's a short, pretty ballet-esque routine, but Jasper's Slasher Smile and Lapis's passiveness throughout the whole thing make it very creepy.
  • In the Rick and Morty episode parodying the "dream inside a dream" plot of Inception, one of the dreams is a very squicky orgy. Made even creepier by Rick's jumping into it with both feet. While wearing bondage gear.
  • A Greek Tragedy: The caryatids (decorative statues of women holding up Greek temples) are actually Living Statues. They are drawn (sculpted?) in the form of three middle-aged, chubby women with drooping breasts. They are wearing nothing but translucent slips, and by the time the cartoon is over, they lose the slips.
  • Robot Chicken: Literally the first sketch of season 7 is of Gargamel in a woman's two-piece swimsuit in a parody of Carl's Jr.'s Sex Sells ad campaign from that time.
  • Kaeloo: In-universe example. In one episode, Kaeloo goes on a parody of The Voice, and she tries to impress the judges by performing a sexually suggestive dance involving Shaking the Rump while wearing a revealing outfit. The judges are absolutely horrified and disgusted and they kick her off the show.