Fan Disservice / Web Original

Web originals with their own pages

  • AMV Hell 0 and its sequel, AMV Hell Divided by Zero, both described by their creators as "the most sick, depraved and perverted things we have ever created".
  • Brad Jones doesn't mind people ogling Jillian, his co-star and ex-wife — but he's doesn't want you to enjoy it too much. In Softly from Cable, Jillian dresses up as a pay-per-view TV host, complete with saucy voice and dripping innuendo. She soon runs out of double entendres, though, and ends up whispering about her bowel movements.
  • If you see something sexual and/or potentially Fanservice-y in Survival of the Fittest, a good portion of the time it will be this trope. Often, it will be a rape scene, or in another way unpleasant. One of the most well-known examples include the scene where Melina Frost walks in on Beth Vanallen masturbating, and forces her to continue, then... pretty much joins in with the help of a vase.
  • Ilivais X is full of this. For a Yuri Genre story about a resisting Love Freak and an Ethical Slut in their sex-fueled mecha, Iriana is something of a Creepy Child whose idea of gentle lovemaking is someone flaying her alive with a chainsaw, and the first half of Mille's Crazy Awesome is mostly established in what should be romantic scenes if it wasn't so heavily implied that she's taking advantage of how Iriana's too weak to feel like she can refuse her advances. Yes, it's a WAFF-ey romance, but it's full of very creepy sadism and rape undertones, and there's always something off about their interactions.
  • Things Mr. Welch Is No Longer Allowed to Do in an RPG, #1328:
    The very concept of a Hutt lap dancer will earn me a dark side point.
  • In this story from Not Always Right, a lingerie saleswoman dissuades a creepy "customer" with a graphic description of the hygienic disadvantages of sexy underwear.
  • Emelina Echo from the cyberpunk forum role-play Into the Black is a walking fan disservice scene. Despite her being a well-toned and lithe woman, she has all the sex appeal of a garbage can.
    • The first time she's seen, she's wearing nothing but a metallic bra with nipple tassels and metallic panties. She's sexually harassing an innocent woman at the time.
    • The first naked scene of her is her covered in blood after castrating someone and then stabbing them to death.
    • Subsequent scenes of her naked usually involve her being bloodily tortured and sexually assaulted.
  • CollegeHumor:
  • As a joke, LiveJournal member and professional erotica writer Naamah_Darling (Amanda Gannon) undertook to write the worst erotic poem imaginable. With the notorious "Hortus Conclusus", she succeeded beyond even her wildest expectations.
  • In Ten Little Roosters, Miles, suffering from Sanity Slippage, decides in episode 2 to put on "The Suit". Episode 3 revealed what that "Suit" was - Lindsay's Ruby Rose costume. Complete with make up and lipstick.
  • Kakos Industries is chock full of sexual innuendos and incredibly unsubtle hints at sexual activities and though the delivery comes off as rather classy thanks to the narration, it doesn't help that there are more than a few Gag Penis incidents, a Cute Monster Girl that eats people, and orgies in which people drench themselves in blood.
  • At the end of his Silent Hill: Homecoming review, Phelous dresses up in a Naughty Nurse Outfit.
  • This. "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Barry White along with scenes of Sméagol and Gollum.
  • There is an ad for an MMORPG showing a girl in an extremely Stripperiffic costume. From what this observer can tell, she has no arms.
  • In the CAPSLOCK: ATLA community, the "penance" for posting in lowercase is that you have to post naked Iroh pictures.
  • An image from the Japanese art site Pixiv features a cute, blue-skinned girl — who happens to have the flesh stripped from her midsection, leaving her spinal cord and bottom of her ribcage exposed.
  • The background music in the Fifty Shades of Grey Honest Trailer bemoans that the "erotic" story is about as sexy as a case of rabies.