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Recap: Family Guy S 5 E 12 Airport 07
Peter becomes a redneck after watching a blue collar comedy special, but his "git-r-done" antics get Quagmire fired from his job as an airline pilot.


  • Black Comedy: "I'm just a prom night dumpster baby..."
    • The simulation of the airplane crash where bunnies run out on fire and some guy survives, but is so angry that he goes home to beat his wife.
  • Bowdlerization:
    • The part where the plane crash survivor goes home to beat his wife is slightly different between the DVD and the TV version. On TV, the wife is only slapped four times and looks clean-cut. On DVD, the wife looks roughed up and is slapped eight times.
    • The scene of Quagmire taking a job as Joe's home nurse was cut on the TV version because the FOX censors didn't like the poop jokes and Joe asking Quagmire if he'll help him commit suicide.
    • The still of Peter getting out of Paris Hilton's car with no underwear on (similar to Britney Spears) has his penis mercifully blurred out on the TV version (the DVD version doesn't have it blurred at all).
    • After Quagmire nails the flight attendant, he says on the DVD version: "Please exercise caution when standing up, as the contents of your vagina may have shifted during coitus." The TV version replaces "vagina" with "panties" (except the [adult swim] version)
    • The "Who Else But Quagmire" cutaway where it's implied Quagmire had sex with a woman who died a virgin is only on the DVD version. According to the DVD commentary, the sequence was cut, not because Quagmire was having sex with a dead woman, but because he was having sex with a dead woman who died a virgin (implying that if she wasn't a virgin, FOX would let that scene slide).
    • The cutaway of Peter hosting The Lawrence Welk Show and shouting, "Holy shit, we're a-fucking smokin' now!" was cut for TV (while it would be easy to just bleep out "fuck" and "shit," as it's been done before, the reason the scene was cut was because of time reasons).
    • Hugh Hefner's pep talk to Quagmire: Hefner's line, "You know, I have a 13-inch penis" was changed on TV to "You know, I have a 13-inch member."
  • Call Back: Brian tries to stop Stewie from drinking a cup of Peter's spit, but relents after remembering Stewie's No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on him from "Patriot Games".
  • Imagine Spot: When Peter sees fuel being pumped into the plane, he has one of these where he believes that filling his pickup truck with plane fuel can make it fly.
  • Shout-Out: The fake commercial bumper at the end of the second act parodies the title sequence for Will and Grace.
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