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Recap: Family Guy S 5 E 13 Bill And Peters Bogus Journey
After a trip to the aquarium goes awry with Peter being attacked by an octopus, he decides to go to the gym and build up... for 15 minutes, but he breaks his back when he volunteers to lift former president Bill Clinton's limousine that broke down in front of the Griffins' house. Clinton then bonds with Peter, telling him that age is a state of mind, but when they get high on pot and try to eat a pig, Lois thinks that Peter should stop spending time with Clinton, and when she goes to tell him, she ends up sleeping with him.

Meanwhile, Lois is sick of Brian going number two on the lawn, and the dog has to potty-train with Stewie's help, but it doesn't go well, and in the end, Mayor Adam West finds Brian's poop in his garden, mistaking it for sausage and boasting that he can plant sausage seeds.
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