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Asahi Production (旭プロダクション) is a prolific Japanese animation studio established in June, 1973. Since establishment, the company has provided photography and additional services for, among others, Sunrise, Madhouse, Manglobe, Diomedea, Silver Link., David Production and TMS Entertainment (one of their earliest clients).

A satellite studio of theirs in Miyagi was affected in the earthquake that hit Japan on March 2011. They also have another studio based in China named Xuyang Animationnote .

See also Trans Arts, another Japanese studio that also specialized mostly in Photography for Anime. Do not confuse for the original name of company Production Reed, Ashi Productions.

For a list of credits, see the Anime News Network.

Anime Created by Asahi:

Other projects that Asahi has worked on include (work other than Photography services are noted in brackets)

    Photography/Compositing only 

    Photography/Compositing & additional work 

     Additional work only 

Tropes Associated with Asahi: