Characters / Nurse Angel Ririka SOS

Characters from the manga and anime series Nurse Angel Ririka SOS.

Ririka Moriya - Nurse Angel

Voiced by: Kaori Asoh

The main character; a 4th grade student at White Dove Academy. She receives a present on her 10th birthday that transforms her into Nurse Angel, a heroine with the power to fight an invasion by the evil organization Dark Joker. She's plucky, but is she up to the task?

Seiya Uzaki

Voiced by: Akira Ishida

Ririka's next-door neighbor, classmate, and childhood friend. He is a joker and something of an attention seeker, but he is very sincere in his affection for Ririka. He would do anything to help her, no matter how rash.

Nozomu Kanou - Kanon

Voiced by: Hidehiro Kikuchi

An alien from the planet Queen Earth, in disguise as a transfer student at White Dove Academy. He gives Ririka the Angel Cap as a birthday present, and mentors her in hopes that as Nurse Angel, she will stop Dark Joker and free his home world.

Anna Kazami and Karin Mizuhara

Voiced by Azusa Nakao and Kaoru Suzuki

Ririka's best friends and classmates. They're very supportive, but they aren't in on her secret.

Miyuki Kuwano

Voiced by Emiko Matsuoka

A snobbish and elitist White Dove Academy student who doesn't think that Ririka and Seiya meet the school's standards. She started a fanclub for Kanou and is constantly frustrated that he pays more attention to Ririka than to her.

Princess Helena

Voiced by: Yuri Amano

The (apparently sovereign) princess of Queen Earth; she is suffering from an illness caused by the invasion of her world by Dark Joker, but she struggles to maintain her realm nonetheless. She sent Kanon to Earth to find Nurse Angel.

Princess Mimina

Voiced by: Noriko Namiki

Princess Helena's younger sister; she travels to Earth to help Nurse Angel save her home world. She idolizes Nurse Angel but she treats Ririka with disdain, and she has a crush on Seiya.


Voiced by: Ryo Horikawa

Leader of Dark Joker; he considers goodness to be weakness and has little regard for his underlings. Has a looming, imposing appearance combined with effeminate mannerisms.


Voiced by: Yuriko Fuchizaki

One of the Dark Joker sub-commanders; a swordsman with a blithe attitude who treats the attack on Earth like a game. Over time, he comes to view Nurse Angel as a worthy opponent. When the leader of Dark Joker turns on him, he joins up with Ririka.


Voiced by: Kouji Ishii

One of the Dark Joker sub-commanders; a schemer who uses spies, traps, and deception to get the drop on opponents. He is eager to prove his superiority over his colleague Dewey.