Characters / Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

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    Main Characters 

Ami Onuki

Voiced by: Janice Kawaye

A 16-year-old girl who is allegedly the older of the duo. She is depicted as a peppy, optimistic, and cute girl.

Yumi Yoshimura

Voiced by: Grey DeLisle

A 16-year-old girl who is allegedly younger of the duo. She is depicted as a cynical, sarcastic punk rocker.

Kaz Harada

Voiced by: Keone Young

The duo's well-intentioned yet money-grubbing manager.

    Recurring Characters 

Jang Keng and Tekirai

Voiced by: Grey DeLisle (Jang Keng), Janice Kawaye (Tekirai)

Yumi's and Ami's pet cats, respectively.

Voiced by: Sandy Fox

A six-year-old psycho girl who is obsessed with Ami and Yumi.


Voiced by: Keone Young

Kaz's adopted puppy who eats cat food.

The Talent Suckers

Voiced by: Nathan Carlson (Vladimir and Mitch), Corey Burton (Nicolai)

A vampire rock trio from Slovakia that "sucks" people's talents.

    Minor Characters 


Voiced by: Lara Jill Miller

A 16-year-old girl who was a former band member and was also Yumi's friend.

King Chad

Voiced by: Katie Leigh

Ami and Yumi's former crush in "In The Cards".


Voiced by: Rob Paulsen

Ami and Yumi's childhood friend from Camp Youwannasushi, who wants to be a superhero like his favorite comic book hero, Mangbee Man.


Voiced by: Will Ryan

Ami and Yumi's former bodyguard and friend.


A girl King Chad dates in "Janice Jealous".

Eldwin Blair

Voiced by: Nathan Carlson

A sinister land developer who usually tries to tear down beloved places for his own selfish needs.

Personal. Automated. Lookout.
Voiced by: Nathan Carlson

Koi Fish
Voiced by: Nathan Carlson

Knoble Knight
Voiced by: Corey Burton

Ami's favorite manga hero, who is a majestic knight.

Decibel Destroyer

Voiced by: Nathan Carlson

Yumi's favorite manga hero, who is a robotic amplifier.

  • The Rival: To Knoble Knight, before they team up.

Mister Master

Voiced by:

The villain who is against both Knoble Knight and Decibel Destroyer. He also longs for his PHD.