Funny / Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

In general

  • Ami, Yumi and Kaz can count as being walking CMoFs most of the time.
  • Every time Jang Keng and Tekirai start to fight Kaz, a la Tom and Jerry.


  • "I'm your #1 fan!"
  • Harmony's facts about the girls, much to their embarrassment or awkwardness.
  • The Travel Montage.
  • Kaz sings a poor edition of the theme song. Cue Harmony in the shower in the next shot, as she also claims that she's Kaz's number one fan. Then he proceeds yelling a girlish scream and run out.
    • Then comes Ami and Yumi, who became sad as they actually liked Harmony. Then they runs out wanting her to come back!
Collect All 5 Ninjcompoop
  • "This traffic stinks. I'm going to go insane from boredom."
  • Later, Ami proceedingly gives Yumi a test from her magazine:
    Ami: Question 1: "Do you like unicorns or rainbows?"
    (cut to Yumi rolling her eyes)
    Ami: Okay, let's try another. "If you could be any flower"...
    (cue a fade out to Ami after (what might be) a while)
    Ami: Finished! See, that wasn't so horrible.
    (pan to Yumi, who is asleep)
    Yumi: (wakes up) Then why is my brain numb?
  • Yumi struggling to get the stone from Bi Ming Pang and assumes he is unfairly cheating. Cue Yumi stepping on his foot to get the stone.
  • "Locks, like intruders, cannot be trusted!"
Talent Suckers
  • Ami and Yumi realize that the Talent Suckers didn't suck their blood. Cue a moment of them guessing what they sucked.
In The Cards
  • The addictive card game is named Stu-Pi-Doh, which is a tongue-in-cheek Take That! at Yu-Gi-Oh!.
Team Teen
  • The backwards logic in two Japanese pop stars questioning an American team of superheroes' shoes-off house rule.note  And Jarhead shouldn't abide by it.
Save the Farm
  • The rooster alarm clock rings (as the sun rises)—Yumi then decides to crush the alarm clock. Then an actual rooster crows (loud) at Yumi, she gets pissed enough to call it a turkey. In the same moment, Ami was unusually still asleep somehow.
  • The next moments:
    • Kaz attempts to milk a cow, but then it then sprays milk at him.
    • He also couldn't get a donkey to budge, so he then used Ami and Yumi as donkeys.
  • Kaz accidentally gets his head..."milked" when he accidentally turns on the "cow milking" device.