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The Goggle Five

Ken'ichi Akama/Goggle Red | Actor: Ryouji Akagi

A world-class explorer. He accidentally ran into the Deathdark Empire assaulting Professor Hongou while accidentally finding a secret passage to Wolfborg Castle in German, and then obviously saved the Professor. Right after that, he is immediately enlisted to the Goggle Five as its leader.

Kanpei Kuroda/Goggle Black | Actor: Junichi Haruta

He's a chess club president in university and takes a part time job as a janitor in Kourakuen Stadium. He's the closest you can get for the Goggles' second in command, though being a real smart chess player, he's often landed with strategy devising roles and has a quick wit.

Saburou Aoyama/Goggle Blue | Actor: Shigeki Ishii

A hockey player, though he has dreams to be an inventor. Usually the best when it comes with dealing with little kids, and is very protective to them. Has a tendency to separate from his team, usually to scout on the enemy's activities.

Futoshi Kijima/Goggle Yellow | Actor: Sanpei Godai

He is a worker at zoo, though the universe seems to hate him by putting him through lots of embarrassing moments. Hot-Blooded and a fun guy to begin with.

Miki Momozono/Goggle Pink | Actress: Megumi Oogawa

The youngest of the Goggles, she is a star gymnast who also had a part time job as an announcer in the Kourakuen Stadium. Has a special ability to take form of or dressing up as another person in instant.


Professor Hideki Hongo

Sayuri Yamamoto & Midori Wakagi

Computer Boys & Girls

Dark Science Empire Deathdark

Fuhrer Taboo

General Death Giller


Professor Iguana & Zadoriya

Grand Marshall Deathmark

Alternative Title(s): Dai Sentai Goggle V