Funny / Dai Sentai Goggle Five

  • In The Movie, Goggle Yellow, Dr. Iguana and Mole Mozoo play, what else? Whack-a-mole!
  • Also in the normal series, once again involving Yellow, seeing how those Mooks trying to transform into Goggle Yellow (and fail miserably).
  • Goggle Yellow's fighting style overall. Because his weapon is a... well... ball, he really gets creative in how he whacks the enemy with it. Of course, occasionally, we got fight scenes where a Mook stomps his hand on the ball. This is usually accompanied with the usually epic battle music for some Mood Whiplash.
  • The gunslinging episode. After Kanpei shot down Mooks, he tried acting cool by blowing his gun... only for it to shot upwards to his hat, leaving his face in ash, then he faints.
    • Which follows up later with Kijima trying to have a Mexican Standoff with a Mook... then both shots both hats... then both crotches, while on Kijima's case, he got his pants down. Then both shot again and both bullets hit each other, causing a mass explosion... which then degenerated into Kijima running off while trying to fix his pants.