Boisterous Bruiser / Web Original

  • /m/. It's the Boisterous Bruiser of 4chan.
  • The aptly named Mister Excitement, a member of The Crimestoopers from the Global Guardians PBEM Universe. His power comes from his boundless enthusiasm!
  • Von Kaiser, re-imagined as Little Mac's new trainer, in this fanmade trailer for a Punch-Out!!! movie. He's very... infectious.
    Von Kaiser: My name is Von Kaiser — ze German Steel Machine. They call me "Ze Steel Machine" because it is STEEL! Steel in ze heart! Steel in ze arms! STEEL IN ZE HEAD!!
    • "When you step, you bring your feet up! When you punch, you bring your arms up! And you will always keep your heart up!"
  • Mike from Shadow of the Templar, one of the team's Big Guys (Johnny, the other Big Guy, fills the role of The Quiet One) and designated driver, regularly makes loud greetings and perverted jokes. You can only guess what his driving style is like...
  • The Angry Joe Show: The title character is portrayed this way whenever he cameos in a fellow That Guy with the Glasses member's video, as well as in the crossovers like Kickassia and Suburban Knights. ESPECIALLY Kickassia.
  • Mother of Learning includes a female example in Zorian's friend Taiven, a Magic Knight possessed of great confidence and an utter lack of shame when she has something she wants. To give a blatant example:
    Taiven [barging into the room]: Roach! You're just the man I... wait, am I interrupting something?
    Zorian: Yes?
    Taiven: Never mind, it will only take a minute. [shoving a newspaper into his face] Did you see this?
  • Golgotha in Noob is a rare female case that fits better here than in The Lad-ette. The main cast Straw Misogynist even went through a period of suspecting her to be a Cross Playing male because he couldn't settle with the idea of a woman acting like her.
  • Several characters in Fate/Nuovo Guerra, but Beowulf and Benkei (in Primus) and Ajax (in Secundus) certainly take the cake.
  • RWBY has Yang Xiao Long, who wields twin shotgun-bracers (allowing her to puch and shoot things simultaneously), has a Super Strength Semblance and spends her introductory trailer in a one-versus-all brawl in a shady nightclub. Interestingly for this trope, she's also Team RWBY's Team Mom.
    • Nora Valkyrie from Team JNPR; a Perpetual Smiler Genki Girl, she is always eager to charge into battle and smack opponents around with her giant warhammer/Grenade Launcher. Her suggestion to deal with Jaune's bullying problem is to break the bully's legs, and even her Image Song "Boop" includes lines like "We'll crush our enemies, bring them to their knees".
  • Grog Strongjaw from Critical Role is practically the poster child for this. A seven foot tall man-child who shifts from comic relief to murderous rage with ease. A single episode might see him carousing through every bar and whorehouse in town, buying a silly hat that he thinks make him look dignified, and then ripping the lower jaw off a foe with his bare hands.