Boisterous Bruiser / Live-Action TV

  • "Wild Bill" Guarnere from Band of Brothers.
    • This doubles as a Real Life example, as Bill Guarnere is pushing 90 with no sign of slowing down.
  • Blackadder:
  • Sam Axe, played by the immortal Bruce Campbell, in Burn Notice. Semi-subverted in that Sam is actually just as smart as Michael and Fi, and his supposed dumbness is Obfuscating Stupidity.
  • Speaking of Adam Baldwin, Casey from Chuck can occasionally fit in here.
  • In Doctor Who, The Doctor has run into a few of these fellows over the years. Notably Bandito Arturo Villa in "The War Games" and King Ycranos (inevitably, he's played by BRIAN BLESSED) in "Mindwarp".
    • Don't forget Time Lord Omega from "The Three Doctors."
    • And he's been one himself, in his Sixth incarnation.
    • Full time companion Donna Noble is one of the rare female examples. "Oi, sunshine!"
  • Firefly
    • Jayne Cobb seems to epitomize this trope when he's in a good mood.
    • Monty the smuggler also fits. "I shaved MY BEARD off for you, you devil woman!!!"
    • Sir Warrick Harrow manages to be a smart, sophisticated Boisterous Bruiser. With an Indoor Voice. He makes up for it with double the big-goofy-mentor-figure value.
  • Game of Thrones:
    • King Robert Baratheon, although age has only left the party animal and took the great warrior away.
    • Tormund Giantsbane is an absolute demon in combat, and he knows it.
    • The Greatjon is a Large Ham and one of Robb's best fighters after all.
    • The Smalljon gives off this vibe as this huge warrior with Brutal Honesty.
    • Bronn loves singing, fighting, and fucking. He's very jolly, and very deadly.
  • Corporal Josh Ray Person of Generation Kill. Oddly for this trope, he's on the skinny side and is the resident Smart Guy.
  • Andy, from Graduados
  • Silas in Highlander: The Series; played by Richard Ridings.
  • Momotaros in Kamen Rider Den-O.
    • Kintaros is an even better example. Burly, strong, speaks in a Kansai accent, and is easily the most friendly and personable of the four.
  • Gentarou, the eponymous Kamen Rider Fourze.
  • Mr. (Isaiah) Edwards from Little House on the Prairie is this trope personified. The books made him that way too, using a variant of the folk song Ol' Dan Tucker as his theme.
  • Prince Arthur from Merlin, as he often goes hunting or engages in quests with gusto, especially in the beginning of the series.
    • To an extent, all the Knights of Camelot are like this, apparently. In one scene, Arthur gives Merlin a friendly punch in the arm "to cheer him up", and when Merlin asks why on earth he thought that'd work Arthur replies, baffled, that it always works on the knights. ("Well, they're a bit thick, aren't they?")
      • Gwaine deserves special mention. He's extroverted, charming, loves to have a good time, and is an undisputed badass.
  • Francis Lawrence "Larry" Kubiac III from Parker Lewis Can't Lose.
  • Political Animals: Bud Hammond. He has a pretty mean right cross, as the Vice President finds out. He's also responsible for pretty much all the scenery chewing in the show.
  • Richard the Lionheart was portrayed this way in Robin of Sherwood.
  • The titular character in Sledge Hammer!, so much so he talks to his gun, and in his first appearance took care of a sniper by blowing up the building under him.
  • B.A. Baracus (Mr. T) of The A-Team.
  • In The Rough Riders, General Wheeler has come out of retirement to lead the cavalry in Cuba, and is enjoying the hell out of it.
    Wheeler: "We got them damn Yankees on the run!"
    Aide: "Spaniards, sir, and they're retreating to prepared positions."
    Wheeler: "Don't spoil it, son!"
  • Dean Winchester of Supernatural