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Every film:

  • "The name's Bond, James Bond."
  • The reassuring message the audience gets after every film: James Bond Will Return.

Specific films:

Specific novels:


  • A fan-made ''Spectre'' trailer featuring Pierce Brosnan as 007 is a treat for fans who miss seeing the actor portray the iconic spy.

  • Spectre Etc is a podcast by four guys reviewing every James Bond move ever. Each episode explores a specific movie in extreme detail. They are undertaking the most complete assessment of every bond movie ever. Typically the length of each episode is about as long as the movie itself. While opinionated, it does provide a great deal of context and would be a great companion piece for anyone who was having problems understanding or needing to explore in greater detail a given film. As of March 25th, 2016, they had released the review of Moonraker. At their current pace, they are scheduled to be finished with Spectre by the end of 2016.