Awesome / Casino Royale

This page is for Awesome Moments from the original 1953 novel. For awesomeness from the 2006 film, go here.

  • The Baccarat game, which despite being 25+ pages long never seems to drag.
    • Le Chiffre gets his about halfway through for simply beating Bond at Baccarat. In one fell swoop, he's moments away from winning the tournament and achieving his goals - Bond failing his mission is just icing on the cake.
    • Leiter gets his shortly after, when Bond is seriously considering just killing Le Chiffre in violation of his orders... and receives a telegram saying that the CIA has just chipped in a fat wad of cash for him to bet against Le Chiffre. Just like that, he's back in the game - and it's all thanks to Leiter.
    • And Bond's is, of course, his inevitable defeat of Le Chiffre, dashing his plans and making 80 million Francs of SMERSH's money.