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Drinking Game: James Bond
For the films only, naturally

  • Whenever Bond says "Bond, James Bond" or orders a vodka martini, drink
    • Going martini for martini is just dedication.
  • Whenever Bond has sex, drink
    • If it's kinda rapey, drink again
    • Drink once more if the girl he has sex with dies shortly afterward.
  • When Bond kills someone, drink (this can get nasty in the Brosnan era)
  • When a spy gadget is used, drink.
    • If said spy gadget is used in a way that was clearly unintended, drink twice.
    • If the gadget does not work as intended, take an extra drink.
  • Whenever The Dragon is revealed to be a beautiful woman, take a sip.
    • If the aforementioned woman gets redemption via Sex Face Turn, down your drink.
  • During the opening song/credits, drink whenever there's a woman/ silhouette on screen.
  • Whenever the name of the film is mentioned, drink. This rule gets particularly punishing in Dr No, Goldfinger, Goldeneye and Octopussy.
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