Awesome: Moonraker

  • Bond manages to survive getting thrown out of a plane without a parachute by fighting the villain in mid-air and stealing his. And note that this was 1979, meaning you're actually seeing a pair of stuntmen fighting in freefall with a cameraman falling beside them. It reportedly took almost 100 jumps to get everything.
  • Drax's New Era Speech.
  • Space Marines.
  • Jaws biting the cable to the cable cars.
  • The pheasant hunting scene. Hugo Drax hands Bond a rifle to take a shot at some pheasants, all while one of his snipers is sitting in a tree and aiming for Bond. Bond fires... and misses.
    Drax: You missed, Mr. Bond.
    (Drax's sniper falls out of the tree, dead)
  • The effects. Holy shit, the effects. Even nowadays, on the Blu-Ray version, those model shots and laser guns look damn good. If they're going to steal from Star Wars, they at least stole one of the things Star Wars did right.
  • From the book, the entire Blades scene, with Bond successfully cheating Drax out of a colossal sum.