Awesome / From Russia with Love

The Film
"We have a saying in England - Where there's smoke, there's fire."
  • Red Grant's cool professionalism all throughout is a beauty to behold. He stalks Bond through the whole movie, even saving his life once, with Bond none the wiser. Then, he has the balls to kill Bond's contact and replace him to fool Bond. And Bond is totally fooled until Grant reveals himself as a SPECTRE hit man.
    • His introduction to Rosa Klebb, where he no sells getting hit in the gut with brass knuckles.
  • Kerim sniping Krilenchu. With one arm in a sling.
    "That pays many debts".
  • Bond manages to kill the totally brutal Red Grant with his own wristwatch-garotte. He then retrieves his money and incriminating film from Grant's pockets, growling "You won't be needing this...'old man.'" Yeah.
    • Not to mention the fight between them, one of the most well known in cinematic history of its tense brutality. Made more impressive by the fact that Sean Connery and Robert Shaw did most of it themselves.
  • Bond's attaché case, considered by many to be his absolute best gadget. While setting the trend of Q's gadgets being disguised as everyday objects, it is also extremely useful and could be utilized on any mission.
  • Bond taking out a helicopter using a sniper rifle. He shoots the co-pilot causing him to drop his grenade and thus blow it up.
  • Bond effortlessly defeating a fleet of SPECTRE boats by dumping fuel canisters into the sea and shooting them with a flaregun.
  • The first instance of the Blofeld Ploy. The fact that even Col. Klebb is afraid of this man tells us everything.
  • Tania shooting Klebb.
  • Meta example for Lotte Lenya's performance as Rosa Klebb for making a 5-foot middle-aged woman seem like a genuinely intimidating threat to James Bond.
  • In another meta one, Pedro Armendariz was dying of cancer during filming and in so much pain that he committed suicide shortly afterwards, even being unable to stand in some scenes, but you can't tell at all as he gives a performance bursting with enthusiasm and vitality, ending up as one of Bond's most memorable allies.

The Novel