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Awesome: Quantum of Solace
  • The opera scene, for proof that Bond's pretty awesome even when he's not killing people.
    Bond: Can I offer an opinion? I really think you people should find a better place to meet.
  • Bond winning a dogfight using an unarmed DC-3 cargo plane.
  • The fight at the art gallery's construction scaffolding.
  • Mr. White gets two: the "we have people... everywhere scene, and "Well, Tosca's not for everyone". Please, please develop this guy into a Magnificent Bastard? Pretty please?
  • The initial car chase.
  • Bond swats a motorcycle out from under a henchman. With his bare hand.
  • The bit at the harbor in Haiti.
  • The scene with Vesper's boyfriend.
  • M helping Bond escape the hit squad in the hotel, then telling Tanner "I don't give a shit about the CIA or their trumped up evidence. He's my agent."
  • Felix Leiter openly defies the Jerk Ass who is his boss and goes into a bar, has a brief Info Dump conversation with 007, then tells him he has 30 seconds to move his ass away from the CIA kill squad coming after him. He then proceeds to nonchalantly down his beer as the CIA busts in guns ablaze. He deserves that Field Promotion at the end of the film.
  • Fields tripping The Dragon.
  • The Chase scene when Bond and the guy he was chasing fall through a glass ceiling, and fight, clinging onto the construction platforms, trying to reach for the guns that were dropped as they fell, when the guy grabs a gun, bonds swing around on the overhanging wires and shoots him first.
  • Greene's managing to fight Bond into a stalemate also counts. This dude is a complete civilian and yet he survives fighting against world's best assassin.

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