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Nightmare Fuel: James Bond
  • Dr. No
  • From Russia with Love
  • You Only Live Twice
  • The Spy Who Loved Me
  • Moonraker
  • Licence to Kill
  • Sky Fall

  • Thunderball
    • The death of the Major Devral imposter; the other imposters swim from the jet he scuttled and he's unable to escape from his seat, and then Largo comes in with a large knife...
    • The fate of a mook that Emilio Largo feeds to his sharks, you get an image from beneath the surface that turns red.

  • Octopussy
    • General Orlov and Kamal Khan's Evil Plan is to blow up a US Air Force base with a bomb, thereby causing Europe to opt for disarmament, leaving Russia with the advantage... by using Octopussy's circus as a cover. With thousands of civilians at the base watching it. What's worse? There are children in the audience. And Orlov, in Bond's words, doesn't give a damn.
      • For that matter, imagine being one of the people in the tent when the bomb was revealed... with fourteen seconds left. Thank goodness Bond disarmed it in time.

  • Golden Eye
    • The murder of the technicians in the Severanya bunker, but particularly Xenia's... moaning while she's shooting. Even Ouromov is freaked out by her reaction.
    • The final fight Bond has with Xenia can hardly be called that, as she easily overpowers Bond, and then puts him between her legs to kill him... and begins creepily grunting and making the creepiest faces ever. Bond only wins by using her gun to kill the helicopter pilot, causing her to be strangled as the plane crashes.

  • Die Another Day
    • The blood geyser that erupts from a Mook's Chandelier death can catch people off guard.
    • Many people were caught off guard by Bond's capture and brutal torture by the Koreans... for 14 straight months. His appearance afterwards is... very un-Bondlike.
    • Zao's gene therapy being interrupted halfway through by Bond results in him waking up as a hideous man with no hair and very pale skin.
    • Gustave Graves' death, which is Syndrome's death, but with a horrid grinding sound as he goes through the engine.

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