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Nightmare Fuel / Dr. No

The Film

  • The scene where Professor Dent sneaks a Tarantula into Bond's bed and it climbs up his arm can and will scare Arachnophobes.
    • This goes meta for Sean Connery who had to have a glass plate separate him and the Tarantula, and for close ups used a stunt double out of his Arachnophobia.
    • Stuntman Bob Simmons, who actually had the spider crawling on him for the closeups, called it the scariest stunt he ever did.
  • Dr. No's death by being boiled in radioactive water. While not graphic, it's a horrible and painful way to go.
  • The dinner scene is particularly unsettling, because Dr. No never even changes his facial expression, only the tone of his voice. And occasionally, it looks like he has Black Eyes of Evil.

The Novel

  • The friggin' Death Course. The scariest part is when a burned, electrocuted and bleeding Bond dropped into the water to face a Giant Squid This results in Bond being forced to grip a nearby fence and get flayed alive by the squid until he dives down and stabs it, resulting in the squid throwing him over the fence and giving him an extremely rough landing. Thankfully, his injuries aren't severe as they seem, but if not for his determination, they could have been much worse.
    • He also had to wash his massive open wounds with salty sea water, which takes a great deal of endurance to do so.
  • The chilling murder of Strangways and his secretary in the beginning by the Three Blind Mice.
  • Dr. No's appearance is pretty unnerving, with steel pincers replacing his hands, all the body hair shaved off his body and speaking with a Creepy Monotone most of the time.
    • His death is also a pretty nasty way to go-as Bond dumps an entire crane load of guano on top of him, Dr. No has to endure his lungs being filled to the brim with choking dust, then slowly lose consciousness as his body cracks and bends under the sheer weight of his tomb.
    • The moment where he snaps and tells Bond and Honey how he's going to kill them is just unnerving, especially when he offhandedly mentions that he took inspiration from Nazi experiments in the Holocaust. We then find out what kind of "Doctor" he is-one that likes to see just how much pain a human can endure.
  • The tense scene where Bond desperately tries to get rid of the venomous centipede crawling all over his body.
  • During the part where he explains his entire scheme, Dr. No casually mentions that his jamming signals are powerful enough that the internal missile computers all obey his orders instead of their country's. And if he wanted, he could escalate the Cold War by having the missiles crashing into Cuba and Miami, just so SMERSH can pay him for the damage it causes.