Headscratchers / Dr. No

  • Who in their right mind would work in a place with lighted signs saying ABANDON AREA?? I imagine Dr. No's insurance is insane.
    • The roads around some real-life nuclear plants have signs reading 'evacuation route' - sometimes you need an escape plan.
      • I live in Florida, and there are 'evacuation routes' a block or two from my house. Hurricanes happen!
    • After Dr. No dies and the mooks have all ran off, why doesn't Bond just turn the reactor off and call in the Marines? Seriously.
      • It was probably too late to stop the base exploding by then.
      • Presumably the reactor went into meltdown, after which nothing in the plant can stop it happening. Makes you wonder about the aftermath...
  • Where are Honey's pants when James rescues her at the end of the film?
    • There's a bit of Fridge Horror in that, as Dr. No had implied to Bond that guards would have their way with her.
  • Why did the titular doctor make so many attempts on Bond's life? You could give the murder of Strangways some justification by saying that he just knew too much, but if No had just remained patient Bond wouldn't have had much to go on. And what exactly was he planning to do after that, kill every single agent that came on to Jamaica to investigate?
    • They may have wanted to initially monitor him at first, possibly bring him in for questioning when he rode away with the fake driver as soon as he arrived in Jamaica. With Bond easily seeing through the ruse and with him beginning to make considerable headway in the case, it's possible Dr. No felt getting rid of Bond would be easier in the long run then allowing him the opportunity to uncover the truth. And in truth, it was Dent who panicked and visited No during the day. Dr. No simply didn't have the right man to deal with Bond and needed to rid himself of an inevitable problem.