Nightmare Fuel / From Russia with Love

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The Film

  • The scene where Blofeld (off screen) describes how Asian Fighting Fish pick off their tired opponents, and how he compares them to how SPECTRE operates.
  • Kronsteen's death. Even though he dies in 12 seconds, it seems like an eternity. Even Klebb was visibly sweating and shaken by this.
    • For that matter, Rosa Klebb's death near the end of the movie. After getting shot, she gives off a death wail, before slowly crumpling to the ground for like a minute and a half, mouth still open in pain. And all of this is on-screen.
  • "Red" Grant in general. There has never been a more evil, stone-cold, implacable psychopath in the entire Bond series. The man's like a blond Anton Chigurh. Every time he shows up, someone dies.