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YMMV: From Russia with Love

The film:

  • Even Better Sequel: To Dr. No and might have gotten its own in Goldfinger.
  • Fridge Logic: Couldn't the Gypsy Prince decide FOR HIMSELF which girl to marry?
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Bond saying on being issued his Q gadgets, "I shouldn't think I'll need it on this assignment."
  • Ho Yay / Even the Guys Want Him:
    Kerim Bey: "James, life in Istanbul will never be the same without you."
  • Memetic Mutation: From [X] With Love.
  • Moral Event Horizon: For most of the film, Grant appears to simply be a professional doing his work. Then he and Bond finally meet and we see what a twisted bastard he really is.
    "My orders are to kill you and deliver the Lektor. How I do it's my business. It'll be slow and painful. The first shot won't kill you. Nor the second. Nor even the third. Not until you crawl over here and kiss my foot!"
  • Narm / Mundane Made Awesome: Bond checks into his hotel room and casually walks around checking for bugs...with the Bond theme playing in the background the whole time. It's like the Bond canon version of Mike and the bots blurting out "BA-DA-BA-DAAAAAAAAAAA!" during the boring bits of Agent For H.A.R.M..
    • Not so Mundane Made Awesome: Klebb trying to kill Bond by kicking him in the crotch with her poison tipped shoe while he holds her at bay with a chair.
  • Special Effect Failure: The actor playing Kerim Bey dabs his arm with a red sponge to simulate being shot during the gypsy camp fight.

The novel:

  • Values Dissonance: Not only does Darko Kerim hold a stated belief in the "rape is love" principle, but his own history with women also makes his role as a sympathetic character (one of a very small group of people Bond considers friends) border on the absurd.

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