Funny / From Russia with Love

The Film

  • Tatiana repeatedly interrupting her own description of what the Lektor decoder looks like to say things like, "Oh, James, will you make love to me in England?" "Day and night. Go on about the decoder." Poor Moneypenny.
    • Actually, Bond's tone of voice when he says that makes it like, "Yeah, yeah, whatever. Now tell me about the machine".
    • Not to mention the looks of a British general and other officials listening to the tape.
    Tatiana: "It has a brown case. Brown like your eyes..."
    Bond: (hastily) "Keep it technical."
  • In that same conversation, James bringing up a Noodle Incident regarding M in Tokyo. M immediately pauses the recording and excuses Moneypenny from the room.
  • James enters the MI-6 office, tosses his hat on the rack, and prepares to give a witty remark to Moneypenny... then the door closes and he sees M giving him a Death Glare for being late. James, immediately cowed, shuts up and follows M into his office like a child in trouble at school.
  • Kerim Bey gags a Russian security agent, then sits next to him and takes out a cigar.
    Kerim Bey: I've had a particularly fascinating life. Would you like to hear about it?
    (Russian makes muffled noise, presumably a "no".)
    Kerim Bey: (delighted) You would!
  • When James slaps Tatiana's ass, she says, "There are some English customs, that are going to be changed!"
  • Bond and Kerim sniping Krilencu as the latter escapes from a billboard Anita Ekberg's teeth, said billboard advertising Call Me Bwana by...Albert R. Broccoli. The blatant plug and the imagery of a guy escaping from the mouth of a giant Anita Ekberg is too hard not to laugh at.
  • Bond at the Russian embassy.
    Bond: Excuse me, you did say that clock is correct?
    Consulate Officer: Russian clocks are always-
    [Kerim Bey's bomb explodes]
    • While everyone else goes into panic mode, Bond chuckles at the timing.
  • At a hotel room in Venice, Bond uses a chair to pin Rosa Klebb to the wall, who is clumsily struggling to kill him with her poison-tipped knife shoe.
  • Blofeld casually grabbing a Siamese fighting fish from the tank and feeding it to his cat.

The Novel

  • A bit of pitch-black comedy, but Darko Kerim discussing the bomb his people stuck under the Soviets' Turkish embassy:
    "If anything happens to me, or if war breaks out with Russia, that bomb will be set off by radio-control from my office. It is sad [Kerim didnít look sad] but I fear that many innocent people will get killed besides the Russians."
  • Tatiana asks why British men don't wear cologne like Russian men do. Bond replies "We wash."