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YMMV: Dr. No

The film:

The novel

  • Unfortunate Implications: How does Bond know that Miss Taro is on Dr. No's payroll? She's Chinese, so of course she's working for him, like everyone else in the island with Chinese ancestry in them.
    • Truth in Television. Most criminal gangs of he 50's and 60's, due to the widespread racism, were almost always made up of a similar race or ethnic background. Even today you can see the same pattern repeated with the likes of the Hispanic and black gangs of California for example. For a man living in that day and age it really wasn't that much of a leap to suggest that the Chinese Dr No would favour Chinese members.
    • Taro and the rest of No's henchman are actually "Chigroes" (of Chinese and Negro parentage) and said to have the worse characteristics of each race — the innate cunning of the Oriental and the inherent criminality of black people. So, yeah.

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