Nightmare Fuel / Moonraker

Even though the film contains some of the most ludicrous moments in the entire series, it also has some jarring Mood Whiplash to make up for it. The novel is no slouch either.

The Film

  • Jaws' carnival mask might qualify all by itself, even if he weren't stalking slowly down a dark alley towards his victim while wearing it, and he would have killed his victim if not for the accidental intervention of the oblivious carnival-goers twice.
  • The centrifuge scene, partly because it's one of the few scenes in the films where Bond looks authentically and absolutely terrified.
    • For added flavor, there's some OOC Is Serious Business mixed in; after Bond uses the wrist dart launcher to shut down the centrifuge, he is so frazzled that he doesn't even fire off one of the one-liners that defined the Moore Era.
  • Drax sending his rottweilers to rip apart Corinne as she desperately tries to run through the forest, a grisly scene that still shocks to this day. The dissonance of the hauntingly beautiful music and equally lovely forest scenery doesn't help.
  • The deaths of the scientists who accidentally knock over a vial of nerve gas is horrifying, especially the music during that scene. The scene building up to it is tense as well, with no background music while Bond sneaks into the lab.
    • And who put the vial on the thing the scientists were moving? Bond. That's right, the guy who protested kicking Locque's car off a cliff in cold blood in the next movie was A-Ok with killing these guys in an even worse manner in this one.
    • It's doubtful that Bond's A-Ok with it: he does look disturbed when witnessing the scientists die. It's not like he had any idea the liquid in the vial would turn into deadly gas when exposed to air. Further, there was nothing he could do to save them.
  • Later, Chang bursts out at Bond so suddenly even he is taken aback, but the fight quickly turns to Bond's favor.
  • The astronaut / space soldiers on both sides that got their navigation equipments destroyed and drifted into space, screaming!

The Novel

  • The terrifying Nightmare Sequence that Gala when she realizes that Drax is going to drop a live atomic warhead right in the middle of London:
    Through the ceiling, through this chair, into the ground. The thin needle of the rocket. Dropping fast as light out of a clear sky. The crowds in the streets. The Palace. The nursemaids in the park. The birds in the trees. The great bloom of flame a mile wide. Then the mushroom cloud. And nothing left. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.