Tear Jerker: James Bond

  • Skyfall
  • The end of On Her Majesty's Secret Service. "We have all the time in the world..."
  • In Licence to Kill, the death (and less than implied rape of) Della and Felix Leiter's own mauling by a shark courtesy of Sanchez.
    • It's even worse when Fridge Horror sets in: Bond and Felix have both lost their brides on their wedding day.
    • Also, Bond finally killing Sanchez and avenging Felix and Della. Probably the best use of Chekhov's Gun in the series.
    Sanchez: You could have had everything.
    Bond: Don't you want to know why?
  • A bit of a meta example, but Richard Kiel, the actor famous for playing Jaws, died September 10, 2014.