Awesome: For Your Eyes Only

  • The opening scene, where Bond finally gets rid of Blofeld by dropping him down a factory smokestack.
    • And the buildup, where he responds to Blofeld taking remote control of the helicopter by climbing along the outside to the pilot's seat.
  • The ski chase, certainly one of the craziest of the whole series. It starts on a ski jumping ramp. Bond is chased all the way down a mountain (even through a bobsleigh track) by Kriegeler and another guy on bikes. What's even better? Bond loses his sticks, and successfully evades with only his boots and boards.
  • Bond kicks Locque's car over a cliff. It's the most vicious Bond ever gets with a villain's lackey during Moore's tenure, but considering all the deaths Locque has caused Bond had every reason to do it.
  • The elaborate car chase fleeing Gonzalez's compound. Starting with Bond's Cool Car blowing up, preventing him from using all sorts of gadgets to help escape. He's stuck driving with Melina's beat-up used CitroŽn 2CV car, which he still manages to use to evade the Mooks and force them into trees and other obstacles.
  • The assault on an impressively positioned hideout atop a freestanding mountain pillar by Bond, Melina and Columbo's smugglers.
  • Melina Havelock pulling off a successful cross-bow shot in the back of Gonzalez diving into a swimming pool.