Characters: For Your Eyes Only

Characters specific to For Your Eyes Only. For those in the entire film franchise, see here.

Melina Havelock

Played by: Carole Bouquet

The daughter of marine archaeologists who were murdered while tracking down the ATAC's whereabouts.

Milos Columbo

Played by: Chaim Topol

Kristatos' former friend and smuggling partner.

Aristotle "Ari" Kristatos

Played by: Julian Glover

A Greek smuggler planning to expand his fortune by selling the ATAC system to the KGB.

Bibi Dahl

Played by: Lynn-Holly Johnson

A young ice skating prodigy who is Kristatos' protégée. She has a tendency to develop crushes on men that are much older than her, including Bond.

Eric Kriegler

Played by: John Wyman

A German biathlon champion, he is also a KGB agent, in charge of helping Kristatos to retrieve the ATAC system for the Soviets.

Emile Leopold Locque

Played by: Michael Gothard

A Belgian criminal and associate of Kristatos. He hired Hector Gonzales to kill Melina's parents.

Hector Gonzales

Played by: Stefan Kalipha

A Cuban hitman hired by Locque to kill Melina's parents. Melina kills him before Bond can get any bit of information, though she saved Bond's life in the process and Bond had enough clues to identify Locque afterwards.

The Wheelchair villain (implied to be Ernst Stavro Blofeld)

Played by: John Hollis
Voiced by: Robert Rietty

The villain of the pre-credits sequence. He is a crippled man in a wheelchair who wants to take his revenge on Bond using a remote-controlled helicopter as a trap after the latter's visit to Tracy's grave.

The producers were unable to name him "Ernst Stavro Blofeld" but Bond's visit to Tracy's grave, the baldness and crippling condition of the character (which might have resulted from the exploding oil rig at the end of Diamonds Are Forever, alternatively from his tree crash in On Her Majesty's Secret Service, given the neck brace) as well as his white Persian Right-Hand Cat leave no serious doubt about his real identity.

Margaret Thatcher

Played by: Janet Brown

Yes, the British Prime Minister. She appears in the closing scene alongside her husband Denis (John Wells). She is patched by Bill Tanner, Sir Frederick Gray and Q through a transmitter in Bond's watch, via a secure satellite link. She thanks Bond for his efforts to protect the nation but Bond has left his watch next to Melina's parrot which says "Give us a kiss" to her. She does not realize that a parrot is talking to her.