Awesome / On Her Majesty's Secret Service

The Film

  • The nerve-shredding safecracking sequence. It's badass to begin with, but gets elevated to awesome status when Bond not only swipes the documents he was looking for, but also steals the poor guy's stash of Playboys. John Barry's motif for the heist sets the mood.
  • Bond finding himself in an allergy clinic/ski resort filled with beautiful women and seducing every last one of them.
  • Bond's big fight with Blofeld atop a speeding bobsled was pretty damn awesome. Lazenby doesn't get as much love as he should.
  • Bond's escape from Piz Gloria. Climbing his way out of his cell, skiing down the slopes while being chased by Blofeld's men, then finding Tracy, which leads to her own CMOA. John Barry's "Piz Gloria Escape" is one of his greatest, too.
  • And picking just one moment for Fallen Princess Tracy? Cannot be done.
    • Tracy's fight with The Dragon, ending with her chucking him down the stairs and impaling him on a wall decoration. The whole fight is an excellent example of Tracy: rather than hiding or being held barely struggling by a mook or the Big Bad like many distressed damsels, she fights back and has no qualms about killing mooks to get out. This trait has been displayed in other Bond girls, but they were often secret agents themselves. Tracy was just a Mafia Princess who didn't take shit.
    • Tracy's true moment of awesome is during the car chase scene. For the entire sequence, racing along icy mountain roads with a car load of mooks shooting at her, then ending up in a race/demolition derby with cars flying all over the place... and people still shooting at her, she's got an expression on her face that she's having the time of her life.
      • The best bit of that car chase is when one car makes a 180 degree flip... and the driver makes a slightly annoyed expression at Bond and Tracy.
    • "Thy dawn, O Master of the World, thy dawn..." Nope. Tracy quoting James Ellroy Flecker to distract Blofeld's attention from Draco's fast-approaching helicopters is her TRUE Moment Of Awesome. She judges his egotism perfectly (he even joins in!), outsmarting him with nothing more than poetry. THAT's cool.
      • And Tracy lures Blofeld to the top floor of Piz Gloria - the one with all the plate glass windows - to maximize the chance that he will be killed in the initial onslaught...placing herself in increased danger as well...
    • And last, but certainly not least, the very fact that Tracy was - and to this day still is - the only Bond Girl to EVER legitimately be counted as Mrs. James Bond. Even if it was for a brief while...
      • Moreover, most Bond Girls tend to fall head over heels for James, but Tracy was the one of only two women in James Bond's life to do the opposite.
  • Back to Bond, when he fights Draco's henchman in the hotel.
    • And then later when he breaks free of four of them right outside Draco's office: within seconds they're left banging at a locked door while Bond is crouched in Draco's office, ready to throw a mook's knife at him.
    • Draco's cool-as-ice greeting to Bond, who is just about to throw the knife, also qualifies.
    Marc-Ange Draco: Do not kill me, Mr. Bond. At least, not until we've had a drink.
  • The fight on the beach in the teaser. This movie had some of the series' best fistfights.
    • "This never happened to the other fellow."
  • The film mostly avoids using the Bond theme, but uses it perfectly in the climax. Draco's helicopters launch their assualt on Piz Gloria, Bond jumps out, getting into a gunfight with mooks. He slides across the ice, mowing them down, just as the Bond theme kicks in. Yes.

The Novel