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Anime: Pretty Sammy

Pretty Sammy is a spin-off series of the Tenchi Muyo! universe, taking the existing characters and re-purposing them for a tongue-in-cheek Magical Girl show. It spans three OAVs (Magical Girl Pretty Sammy) and a 26-episode TV series (Magical Girl Pretty Sammy TV, or Magical Project S in the United States).

The basic plot of both the OVA and the TV series is the same: in the magical land of Juraihelm, a ditzy but kind mage called Tsunami is chosen to be the next queen. Rumia, her main rival to the throne, is pissed off something fierce by this and plots to sabotage Tsunami's claim.

As part of the succession rites, Tsunami must choose a "kindred spirit" on Earth to bestow magical powers upon so that her protégé can help restore the Balance of Good and Evil that has become misaligned in the former queen's absence. Tsunami chooses a precocious girl named Sasami Kawai, who is less-than-thrilled with the dated costume and extra baggage that comes with being a designated crusader of justice. However, unknown to Tsunami, Rumia has also chosen a "kindred spirit" to create a Dark Magical Girl rival that will derail Sasami's efforts: Misao Amano, Sasami's shy and lonely best friend who is hypnotized into the raging Id known as Pixy Misa.

The OVA and TV series divulge in a few aspects, most notably how certain Tenchi Muyo alumni are re-cast. The TV series is also much more dedicated to being an Affectionate Parody of the Magical Girl genre with its own unique cast of characters instead of a simple Alternate Universe short.

The TV series had a strange official release in English: unlike every other iteration of the Tenchi Muyo! franchise, the show was released in a subtitles-only format without an English dub. It was also advertised as being intended for very young children (ages 3 and up) and had mild censorship to fit this demographic, despite the fact that their target audience was too young to read. This release is currently out of print.

A three-volume Pretty Sammy manga series was also released in Japan, but no English version was ever produced. The series is a little odd in that the first half of the first volume is based on Magical Girl Pretty Sammy while the remaining two and a half volumes are based on Magical Project S. A two-part short story based on the OVA continuity also appeared in an issue of the Tenchi Muyo manga.

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alternative title(s): Magical Project S; Pretty Sammy
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