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Heartwarming: Pretty Sammy
  • In an attempt to free Misao, Sammy says these words to her: "Even if you stay as Pixy Misa, forever, I'll still really be your friend, Misao!" Aww.
    • Besides that, there's also Sammy and Misao exchanging words:
    Misao: I... I... I want to be your friend!
    Sammy': We are friends! Of course.
    Misao: I want to be with you!
    Sammy: I'll always be with you, Misao!
    Misao: I care so much for you!
    Sammy: I care about you, too, Misao!
  • Misao's reunion with her estranged father.
    • Doubly so when her father explains that it was because of Pretty Sammy that he was able to be there for her. Misao looks back at Sasami when this happens. The lengths her friend is willing to go for her happiness...
  • Rumiya getting pushed into kissing Misao. Rumiya was a very cute and likeable Chew Toy throughout the entire film, and Misao was an adorable unwilling pawn of evil. Seeing the two of them hook up into such a sweet Toy Ship like that just gets me every time.
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