Awesome / Pretty Sammy

  • Whenever Sammy upgrades her magical Transformation Sequence. Who would have thought strawberries could look badass?
  • No love for Pixy Misa? If she has one, then it's her return in episode 24.
  • In the OVA, after having learned that Ramia wants to send the moon into the earth, Rumiya and Pixy Misa do not agree and help Pretty Sammy.
  • Misao, for the first time ever, transforming into Pixy Misa with the use of a baton, along with the magic words, "Pixy Mutation! Magical Recall!". On the top of that, she gives a speech to Rumiya to encourage herself:
    Misao: I'll be fine. I won't try to hide my weakness or jealousy anymore. I know I'm full of contradictions. But all things considered, I love myself and Misa. So I think I'll be fine. Please, Rumiya.