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Sports Fanbases2629th Jul 2011 09:23:23 AM
What's so great about a free market?4828th Jul 2011 09:01:02 PM
Vince Offer1428th Jul 2011 04:56:28 PM
Law would forbid immigration to the UK for non-english speakers.6528th Jul 2011 04:20:09 PM
Other forums similar to this one1528th Jul 2011 09:59:59 AM
Myths about Freedom2028th Jul 2011 08:25:14 AM
Karzai's brother killed8927th Jul 2011 11:59:04 PM
The promotion or disparagement of homosexuality in schools21827th Jul 2011 08:59:28 PM
Socialism in the US9727th Jul 2011 06:54:45 PM
Dream Act Put into Place by Govenor Brown6927th Jul 2011 05:37:46 PM
NFL Lockout6627th Jul 2011 05:24:57 PM
Of cartels and hitchildren. 427th Jul 2011 03:40:42 PM
parental favoritism2127th Jul 2011 02:16:12 PM
Astronomy1727th Jul 2011 12:40:39 PM
Copyright and the Concept of Ownership in the Information Age9127th Jul 2011 11:05:34 AM
The Thread Outside The Echo Chamber1227th Jul 2011 11:02:20 AM
Left Wing and Right Wing; Lets sort this crap out.6327th Jul 2011 07:01:19 AM
Rules to avoid people poisoning the discussions?2327th Jul 2011 05:11:49 AM
Honest drug users?6227th Jul 2011 04:44:29 AM
Secret bigoted agendas - not as good at hiding as you might think.7526th Jul 2011 07:28:41 PM
David Wu Scandal1826th Jul 2011 04:05:57 PM
Explosion in Oslo - Car bomb?62726th Jul 2011 06:40:47 AM
Define "freedom" without using the following words7225th Jul 2011 06:21:56 PM
Describing stuff with color1425th Jul 2011 05:07:20 PM
The Right To Keep and Bear Arms71625th Jul 2011 04:17:23 PM
Drug Trafficking Is Associated With Poverty2325th Jul 2011 03:40:32 PM
Are Freedom and Tolerance in Retreat Worldwide?2925th Jul 2011 09:27:39 AM
New 'Super Congress' may be created to solve debt crisis9325th Jul 2011 05:35:45 AM
Real life Mood Whiplash.1025th Jul 2011 01:02:45 AM
They call it a bombing, or an attack, why dont they call it terrorism?7224th Jul 2011 07:11:06 PM
Conspiracy theories (meta)19224th Jul 2011 12:32:25 PM
Your Ideal Cruel and Unusual Punishment2824th Jul 2011 09:50:40 AM
Yee-haw! Victory for Science in Texas!3524th Jul 2011 07:01:43 AM
Dutch Politics - Heralds of the Apocalypse.824th Jul 2011 05:21:41 AM
The Norwegian Christian Terrorist923rd Jul 2011 10:04:25 PM
Boy killed his parents because they wouldn't let him throw a party11423rd Jul 2011 07:17:17 PM
Amy Winehouse found dead4623rd Jul 2011 01:13:42 PM
Dutch Politics - heralds of the apocalypse423rd Jul 2011 08:38:51 AM
Seat belt laws, helmet laws, and other such safety related laws15823rd Jul 2011 06:49:14 AM
Question to vegetarians6223rd Jul 2011 12:08:32 AM
Florida to drug test welfare recipients21822nd Jul 2011 06:42:22 PM
Americanisms and Global English9122nd Jul 2011 05:25:22 PM
Europe Through Europes Eyes!2722nd Jul 2011 03:59:50 PM
The hunting gun: a thought experiment10022nd Jul 2011 12:56:10 PM
R18+ games in australia3422nd Jul 2011 08:09:33 AM
Should the elderly have driving restrictions?2922nd Jul 2011 04:44:46 AM
Ranger earns Medal of Honor 3821st Jul 2011 10:01:55 PM
Should everyone be able to answer every political question?621st Jul 2011 08:28:24 PM
Young Girls Attack 11-Year-Old Boy28421st Jul 2011 04:10:29 PM
A tool of the media5121st Jul 2011 03:44:50 PM
Human Nature5521st Jul 2011 02:55:06 PM
Should the poor be discouraged from having children?15221st Jul 2011 02:33:59 PM
Canadian Government to strip citizenship1221st Jul 2011 01:53:43 PM
Secession in the USA23421st Jul 2011 01:30:22 PM
The Difference between Confidence and Arrogance1521st Jul 2011 01:22:12 PM
Pope says condoms are justifiable in preventing spread of diseases7921st Jul 2011 04:53:22 AM
Are there some countries it would be better just to see broken up?13621st Jul 2011 04:47:06 AM
Complicated Politic and Rational Ignorance 2120th Jul 2011 09:17:09 PM
Troper Wardrobes (and Inhopeless' Brilliant Plan)1220th Jul 2011 05:25:24 PM
Effeminate Straight Man Rejected By Blood Bank8320th Jul 2011 04:01:06 PM
Earthquake Tally hits 7,500 in Christchurch1820th Jul 2011 01:58:04 PM
Can You Be Pro-guns and Pro-seat Belt Regulation?9620th Jul 2011 01:08:37 PM
Ratko Mladic Captured!4720th Jul 2011 07:23:00 AM
Would you like to help a good cause? Of course you would!520th Jul 2011 05:54:31 AM
Chinese mistreats Caucasian's child.1820th Jul 2011 05:49:53 AM
I think I've figured out how Republicans think10520th Jul 2011 04:39:43 AM
Women Cuts off Man's Genitals. CBS's 'The Talk' V. Amused10619th Jul 2011 05:25:48 PM
Central banks: Perfect tyranny?1119th Jul 2011 01:10:10 PM
Revolver Zen claimed to attempt suicide5319th Jul 2011 12:43:21 PM
Does anyone here have an interest in asian guys?12619th Jul 2011 10:24:09 AM
What is the purpose of civilization?2219th Jul 2011 08:46:56 AM
Where do souls come from?9519th Jul 2011 07:56:22 AM
Under what circumstances can we reasonably appeal to nature?4018th Jul 2011 10:59:08 AM
How do I ruin people's lives?818th Jul 2011 10:52:04 AM
Gay couple told to move to the back of the bus28418th Jul 2011 08:54:41 AM
Lets Talk About Debt... Once More, With Feeling.19518th Jul 2011 08:31:57 AM
Choosing a university course1318th Jul 2011 02:46:02 AM
Freedom of speech is an illusion?2517th Jul 2011 10:32:34 PM
Gay Pride vs Straight Pride.21017th Jul 2011 10:15:53 PM
BP spent stupid amounts of money trying to avoid fixing problem3217th Jul 2011 05:25:18 AM
Why you should be considered what consenting adults do in privacy1317th Jul 2011 03:00:03 AM
Apple goes after Google Android makers via patents2916th Jul 2011 11:20:38 PM
Super Soldiers. How effective are they?8116th Jul 2011 11:15:04 PM
There any Anti-Earp portrayals of the O.K. Corral?216th Jul 2011 07:28:17 PM
Do we make too many assumptions about why people hold certain views?4416th Jul 2011 05:31:19 PM
Mobile Telecoms and Moblie Networks2516th Jul 2011 02:35:21 PM
The Right to Keep and Arm Bears2216th Jul 2011 11:03:09 AM
Anyone here knows about Kabbalah?3716th Jul 2011 01:21:33 AM
Who lives in Los Angeles?515th Jul 2011 05:20:52 PM
Question for the transgendered17715th Jul 2011 12:41:55 PM
Philosophical theism and God's goodness2515th Jul 2011 12:08:24 PM
What does Deconstruction REALLY mean?1215th Jul 2011 08:59:34 AM
Can Divine Right be justified with a divine ruler?13015th Jul 2011 08:02:17 AM
Error in State Constitution Means N. Dakota Not a State1115th Jul 2011 06:37:31 AM
San Francisco BoE abolishes JROTC19515th Jul 2011 04:56:56 AM
Attitudes towards necromancy3815th Jul 2011 02:28:04 AM
Splitting California?3115th Jul 2011 01:18:52 AM
Zombie Apocalypse. Is It Possible? 9014th Jul 2011 11:12:44 PM
Technical Issues314th Jul 2011 04:59:54 PM
"Poo poo head" is teh evulz2414th Jul 2011 02:38:12 PM

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