NSW Surrogacy Ban:

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126 joeyjojo18th Jun 2012 02:46:08 PM from South Sydney: go the bunnies!
Happy New Year!
@Loni jay: You're back, don't you have study to do?tongue
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127 joeyjojo19th Jun 2012 03:50:56 AM from South Sydney: go the bunnies!
Happy New Year!
@Gabrael: I guess this is more a cultural as moven was saying. Australia law has a stronger empress of openness over privacy.

It reminds me of the sad case a women sued the state after being found by the child she placed for adoption. She was rape victim apparently and it brought back a lot of unhappy memories.
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128 Gabrael19th Jun 2012 05:22:02 AM from My musings , Relationship Status: Is that a kind of food?
Over here we have two types of adoption, open and closed. Open is just that, the parent(s) are on the adoption records were they can be called on later in life if needed.

Closed adoptions, well. It takes sometimes an act of god to open them. In these cases most of the time it's through an agency where the birth parents leave the children there, then they are adopted out. Depending on the state even a court order can't crack it. Some agencies barcode parents.
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