Will the Cold War occur again?:

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Now...Russia's recent bid to stop the world at large from ending the death and brutality in Syria isnt something I can condemn as an American, because we too protect our more evil buisness partners (http://www.hrw.org/middle-eastn-africa/iran) and ingore a lot of what they do. That said, from an outsiders perspective, things are looking bad in Russia. And im refering to the human rights and flexing might in peoples faces types of bad.

Now I dont personally feel the case can be made that Russia isnt one of the "bad" countries of the world.
  • They electected an Ex-KGB operative for president three times, and also had him be Prime Minister to skirt around there election laws.
  • Anna Politkovskaya dies a politicaly convieniant death and Alexander Litvinenko somehow winds up dying of polonium poisoning two weeks after he accuses the regime of assassinating her. Andrey Lugovoy, who met withim just before the poisoning, and who is an ex KGB agent, left a polonium trail behind. He is a member of the Duma and immune to presecution however and Russia is quick to assert that just because a russian spy carrying a rare and highly toxic radioactive element met with Alexander before the same element killed the man doesnt mean they murdered him. Correlation does not equal causation. I, however, find it perhaps just a tiny bit suspicious.
  • The mass arrests of protestors.
  • The deep cover spies found in the U.S. a year or so back.
  • My own personal conversation with a man from Russia who mistook me for being russian. I found myself nodding along and agreeing that a great man like Putin could indeed save America from the "vermin" that infested it while wishing my job let me leave my position.

So, while I have a russian friend and think it would be a cool place to see, im firmly of the camp that the plot of Modern Warfare isnt nearly as fantastical as it seems.

The question I have is this: Could you see the West trying to put a stop to this and causing a spiral of poor relations that leads to another Cold War?

Im thinking "no" because the average American at least doesnt seem that involved in world affairs, so political leaders have no motive to stir up trouble.
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