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Anti-woman laws in America
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Anti-woman laws in America:

@Beta: From what the patient's testimony and her mother's testimony, they were saying that the doctor initially refused to refer her to Integris OKC.
I couldn't find any sign of this in the links, though I might just not have looked hard enough. It did say in the video that the doctor at no time tried to get another doctor at Canadian Valley Hospital to treat her (which makes sense because, as already said, the best place for her was Integris Baptist Medical Center where they had the SANE facilities).

They also said that the doctor specifically refused emergency contraception because "it's against my belief". Emergency contraception won't interfere with a rape kit, so trying to blame that on the lack of SANE nurses is bogus.
You may well be right - I have no idea.

The other problematic thing is that SANE has been systematically defunded in the state of Oklahoma, so it's hard enough to find out what hospital they're at without arrogant doctors getting in the way.
I dunno about the arrogant bit - they're presumably not all DrJerks - but the rest is a bummer :(

 827 Drunk Girlfriend, Thu, 31st May '12 2:13:40 PM from Castle Geekhaven
[up] Ah, see I was thinking that their refusal to get another doctor to help meant that they refused to refer her to another doctor at a different hospital. I could be wrong.
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 828 joeyjojo, Fri, 1st Jun '12 4:30:03 AM from Opp North Relationship Status: Get out of here, STALKER
What is this SANE you speak of?
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[up] Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner.

A nurse specifically trained to deal with and help victims of a sexual assault

Theyre essentially a combination nurse, forensic evidence gatherer, and psychological counsel specialist.

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 830 joeyjojo, Fri, 1st Jun '12 5:11:06 AM from Opp North Relationship Status: Get out of here, STALKER
I should of know that >_<, we actually haven't touched rape related pregnancies in class yet. It's a bit of an overslight.
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Wow, I think the anti-abortion crowd would get a lot more traction if they weren't so obviously motivated by a hatred of women.

Yeah, yeah, a few people have been making excuses for this misogyny and how really it's not motivated by sexism at all, but let's just take a step back here. I was probably in grade 6 or 7 when some history or social studies or similar class talked about pregnancy, succession, and similar. So we learned about the scorn that would be heaped upon a woman if she couldn't deliver an heir, how she could be disowned for failure to do so, and even as children we could recognize it was backwards and misogynistic.

We've got laws on the books indicating a woman can be criminally charged for the "crime" of miscarrying. You can spin all the fancy excuses you want, but a child can see through them.

Plus there was that whole kurfuffle a few months back when Rush Limbaugh accidentally let slip why conservatives *really* have a problem with birth control being made available to women. I don't have the details handy, but the words "slut" and "whore" are involved. Even if the politicians directly responsible are in some kind of ivory tower, engaged in misguided pursuit of religious freedom, ignorant of the consequences of these laws (which I very much doubt), Rush explained where most of the support for this kind of thing comes from.

There's also the bizarre matter of a significant portion (probably a majority) of the anti-abortion crowd being unwilling to *actually* reduce the rate of abortions. You know, things like widely available contraceptives and sex education. We've been at this "civilization" game for a while, we've learned some lessons about what works and what doesn't, and the anti abortion crowd is largely opposed to what actually works in terms of preventing abortions.

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 832 Derelict Vessel, Fri, 1st Jun '12 9:19:19 AM from the Ocean Blue
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It is rather sad. It's always fun, however, as someone who is nominally anti-abortion but not conservative, to debate one of my friends that is a conventional conservative anti-abortion advocate.

I like to tell him that every time he says birth control should be banned, ten babies are aborted. He really doesn't like that.
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[up]Wow. I think I should keep this sentence handy, even though I don't know any anti-contraceptionist on my contact list.
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[up] There are surprisingly few of them anyway. They seem to be more so a vocal minority with little real influence.

Anyway, I would be hesitant to claim to know someone else's motives, especially based on pretending Rush Limbaugh is a representative sample of anti-abortionists. That said, there's not that much different from the conventional anti-contraception attitude of "sex is for reproduction" and the "she wants contraception because she's a whore" perspective, except that the former is slightly less judgmental.
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