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YMMV / The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara

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  • Complete Monster:
    • The Morgawr is the Big Bad of the trilogy. He's a half man, half lizard freak who slaughters Grianne and Bek Ohmsfords' family, kidnaps Grianne, tells her Bek is dead, and convinces her that Walker, the Druid, and his Arch-Enemy is behind it, then raises her to be as bad as himself. He's also a magic-draining leech who feeds on the souls, minds, and magics of his victims and turns people into People Puppets by pulling their brains out through the back of their heads and eating them, leaving them with their skills, but no free will. In the opening pages of Morgawr he drains two-hundred fifty men onscreen, scarring witness Sen Dunsidan for life, and driving the latter's Torture Technician to suicide. He later does the same to the crew of Grianne's ship, Black Moclips, after she betrays him, before hunting her down and trying to kill her because he considers her life his property to dispose of how he wishes. Completely comfortable with his evil, The Morgawr takes pride in having brought Grianne down to his level, and finds her desire to better herself completely laughable.
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    • Cree Bega is The Dragon to The Morgawr. A Smug Snake of a Mwellret with a penchant for murder, Cold-Blooded Torture, Kick the Dog, and Fantastic Racism, Cree Bega is contemptuous of all the little peoplessss, and develops an unhealthy obsession with Ahren Elessedil, making it his personal mission to transform him into The Woobie. He forces Ahren to watch The Morgawr feed on the crew of Black Moclips for no other reason than traumatising him, and upon Ahren's escape, is given custody of his crush, Ryer Ord Star. He and his Mwellrets proceed to strip her, beat her, break all of her fingers, slash the soles of her feet, defile her until she faints, and then after she wakes up, tie her to a yardarm, lash her with a rawhide whip, and leave her to bake in the sun, leading to her suicide. During his final confrontation with Ahren, Cree Bega stabs Elven Hunter Kian In the Back, and then gloats to Ahren about what he did to Ryer Ord Star ("She took ssso long to die little Elvesss. Ssso long it ssseemed it would take forever."), before trying to kill him. The cumulative effect of all the trauma that Cree Bega puts Ahren through is an eventual psychological implosion that leaves him utterly shellshocked and broken into the next series.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The Morgawr, Antrax's wronks, the caulls, and Truls Rohk's true form can all fall into this. The opening sequence of Morgawr where Sen Dunsidan watches the Morgawr feed on hundreds of innocent men is especially memorable in this regard.


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