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YMMV / The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

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  • Cliché Storm: Let's see...the seemingly ordinary protagonist discovers she has a Secret Legacy involving a hidden world of magical beings and is whisked off to a magic school, is torn romantically between a bad boy and her childhood friend, finds out she has powers that are super rare even amongst her own kind, and discovers that her long-lost dad is the Big Bad whom her mother was trying to hide her from. The only part that was less predictable was the revelation that the protagonist's main love interest is actually her brother, although this didn't exactly work in the film's favor given the ick factor.
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  • Opinion Myopia: Many either think the film failed because it was a half-assed Twilight ripoff or think it failed because Twilight was so bad that it poisoned the well for other, better supernatural young-adult novels being adapted to film.
  • Squick: The incest subplot. Namely, the movie spends a big chunk of time establishing Clary and Jace as the Official Couple, including a passionate Big Damn Kiss. Then the Big Bad reveals they're actually long-lost half-siblings. Admittedly, if you've read the books you know it turns out they're not siblings after all...but the movie doesn't mention this due it being Saved for the Sequel.
  • They Copied It, So It Sucks!: It's nearly impossible to find a review of the film that doesn't point out how similar it is to earlier properties, especially franchises that were popular at the time of its release. Most commonly cited were Harry Potter (magic world hidden from 'muggles' which the main character is secretly part of and a magic school of sorts), Twilight (vampires, werewolves and love triangles), and Star Wars (the Big Bad betrayed the other magic people and is revealed to be the protagonist's dad...oh and Surprise Incest, of all things). The biggest issue most audiences and critics had with this is that the movie comes across less as being merely inspired by these other franchises and more like it just mashed elements of them together, resulting in a rather bland end product with little identity of its own.