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The Show of the Books

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A book series is adapted into a TV series. Not just a TV Movie, but a regular weekly series about the characters. Unless the book series is already a Long Runner, this is probably going to overtake the source material quite quickly, expand its story, and become its own Alternate Continuity. In fact, it may not even use the books as anything other than a source of characters and a premise.

However, if they are sticking to the source material, adapting for television has advantages over adapting for film. If the source material is quite dense, television runtimes provide more time to faithfully adapt plot points and show character development rather than distilling most of them. A show might also be under less pressure from the studios to produce a "tentpole" hit (which leads to a tendency to ramp up the action and bombast).

Compare The Film of the Book. Contrast Anime First.


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