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YMMV / The Blackwell Series

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  • Awesome Music: "I Can See Into Forever", the ending theme of the Blackwell Convergence.
  • Accidental Innuendo / Innocent Innuendo: Lampshaded in Dave Gilbert's commentary for Legacy regarding Rosa and Joey's dialogue about his tie.
    "I can touch it?"
    "Yeah. The only part of me you CAN touch. Unfortunately."
    "It... kinda tingles."
  • Complete Monster: Gavin from The Blackwell Deception is a vampiric Con Man who specializes in ruining others' lives, then draining them of their happy memories, resulting in their deaths. Having kept himself alive for over 200 hundred years by regularly draining innocents of their life force, Gavin's most current victims include an elderly woman whom he tricked into making her family hate her, and a young, naive college girl he corrupted into drugs and alcohol before killing her. After executing a reporter investigating his crimes, Gavin captures Rosangela "Rosa" Blackwell, kills his Dragon when she expresses horror at his crimes, and brainwashes Rosa into trapping her best friend, Joseph "Joey" Mallone, in ghost limbo, hoping to leave him there for eternity while he continues his spree. In a video game series where antagonists are often sympathetic, tragic, or unintentionally evil, Gavin stands out as the solely pure evil villain Rosa and Joey ever encountered.
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  • Harsher in Hindsight: The appearance of Madeline in Lauren's dreams becomes more ominous when you learn in Epiphany Maddy will use this mental link to try and possess Lauren, driving her insane in the process, and has already done the same to Patricia.
  • That One Puzzle: Every game has at least one. Special mention goes to the "poison the dog" puzzle in Legacy, the "appreciate art" puzzle in Convergence (especially as you don't know if you've made all the right choices until the end), everything you need to persuade Jamie in Deception, and any puzzle that requires Joey interact with things, as 99% of the time using the interact command with him results in some variation of "I can't touch that, ya dingus".
    • Though you can get some advice on how to talk to Claude in Convergence by Oogling "Artists". Of course, if you haven't gained access to Meltzer's e-mail account by that point, good luck knowing that.
  • The Woobie:
    • Rosangela's life is a never-ending parade of constant misery getting dumped on her. It's incredibly telling that being permanently bonded to a sexist, condescending ghost and being forced to help restless spirits move on was a positive influence on her life. And the fact that the line of work she gets into eventually gets her killed puts a damper on that.
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    • The Deacon, arguably. Sure, his constant laments indirectly caused the suicide of two college students, but he never meant to. All he wanted is to be helped.
    • Jerkass Woobie: Several ghosts are this, or try to invoke this. Joey in particular seems to fit the trope, due to his persistent alternation between snarking at his medium and whining about his death and past experiences with the Blackwell Family.
    • Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds: The Countess. Madeline as well, if you still sympathise with her

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