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Trivia / The Blackwell Series

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  • Actor Allusion:
    • Unbound features an Easter Egg where Lauren can call rabbi Stone from The Shivah. Afterwards, she comments on how his voice sounds strangely familiar. Both Stone and Joey are voiced by Abe Goldfarb.
    • Taken Up to Eleven in Epiphany, where using Joey's tie on Abe Goldfarb's portrait at the Vantini bar will warp Joey to another dimension, where every single one of Abe Goldfarb's characters from all Wadjet Eye titles up till then are arguing with each other.
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  • The Other Darrin: Before the release of Convergence, Rosa was voiced by Sande Chen in Legacy. She's replaced by Rebecca Whittaker from Convergence onwards, and all of Rosa's lines in Legacy were redubbed for the re-release, which is currently the most widespread version.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Dave Gilbert's plan for the series originally involved ten installments in the series. Some of the planned storylines of the games was later dropped or merged when the final number of installments landed on five.
    • Unbound and Convergence were originally planned to be one single game, but development was taking too long so the project was split.
    • Deception ends with Rosa swearing to track down the rest of Gavin's group, which was supposed to be the focus of the next game. In the early development of Epiphany, Dave Gilbert felt this wasn't strong enough conclusion to the Blackwell saga, so the story was completely changed for the game, and this plotline was dropped. The only remnants are dummied out voice lines of the police commissioner, who appeared at the Deception's ending and was hinted to be part of Gavin's group, and a minor, unexpected confrontation with someone.
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    • Also at the end of Epiphany, Rosa was meant to meet Jocelyn. However, when Dave Gilbert learned Lauren's voice actress Dani Marco was visiting New York, he asked her to record some dialogue and quickly rewrote the scene to include Lauren instead.
    • Nishanthi was meant to have a larger role, as Gilbert had planned a character arc for her early on (her original backstory was that she used to be Lauren's neighbor back in Unbound's time). However, he couldn't a way to fit her into the main story without feeling superfluous, hence her sudden disappearance post-Convergence.
    • The original climax for Convergence would've taken place at Times Square in full view of the public, which Dave Gilbert nixed for being too audacious.


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