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  • Genius Bonus: The film Hedwig and the Angry Inch plays a prominent role in the show, with an episode revolving around Eric and Otis planning to go and to see it together, later leading to them falling out. At the dance several episodes later, Otis has the band play a song called "The Origin of Love" - it's never mentioned, but this is a song from Hedwig, in fact one of the most important songs in the film, making the gesture much more significant if the viewer is aware of this.
  • LGBT Fanbase:
    • Gillian Anderson is revered among bisexuals, lesbians, but more importantly to most gay fans, there are two (TWO!) out gay characters, both with layered and positive portrayals! And in the final episode, a potential relationship is set up between two male characters!
    • Inverted with many asexual viewers, however, who have complained that the show lacks any acknowledgment of their orientation, frequently has characters mock Otis's lack of interest in sex with no repercussions to them, and could be taken as implying that people who don't want sex need to be 'cured'.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: The idea of an asexual main character was originally greatly appreciated, but as it becomes clear that Otis is traumatized, rather than just asexual, that never came to be.

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