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  • Awesome Music / Ear Worm: The Just Play Along Reviews.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: He interrupts the James Bond Jr. review when he hears the microwave beeping. He then retrieves a can of coke from it, sits back down, and is about to eat it whole when he stares at the camera and goes "What?" This is never brought up again.
  • Bile Fascination: He admits that the only reason he purchased Musashi: Samurai Legend was due to seeing a Youtube clip which featured a hilariously awkward reading of the line "No way am I losing to you two!"
    • He has found that mixing Soulja Boi's 'Anime' can fit so well (or horribly) with different songs. Lampshaded in the titles.
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    • Despite being critical to Bloody Roar 4, he has made several youtube poops in the past using footage from that game.
    • One of the reasons he started [[fearless]], though in most cases, he ends up having the games refunded if he had to pay money for them, or was gifted them.
  • Cliché Storm: Whenever a blatantly stereotypical character appears in whatever SCR is reviewing, he'll break out the Stereotype Counter.
  • Growing the Beard: The acronym of MGP changing from 'Multiple Gaming Personalities' (who reviews games as different personalities) to 'Mr. Game Player' (who plays games and reviews them) ever since his review on Red Steel, since actually filming the former was taking way too long to do.
    • After killing off MGP, he goes on to Five Dollar Gaming, which seemed to have grown it's own beard after Apocalypse for the PS1.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Around the climax of his Heatseeker episode, SCR prepares to engage in a fight with the sentient game box, wondering if he did learn anything from playing fighting games. This scene was skipped straight to the ending. Then in the Bloody Roar 4 video, he actually does engage in a fight scene, with Xion, using moves he borrowed from Yugo, Shina, and Stun. It helps that Doctor Black, who does fighting choreography for his youtube channel, provided his assistance.
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  • It's Hard, So It Sucks!: SCR shoots down this notion in his War Gods review by listing several of his favorite games that also happen to be hard as nails. Consequently, he then lists several games that were comparatively easier, but sucked for reasons beyond that.
  • It Was His Sled: When spoiling Resident Evil Survivor, (like how the guy in white is Vincent) he admits that he does not feel bad about it since it's been over a decade since the game's release for anyone to care.
    • Does it again in the same video where he mentioned this Running Gag of Capcom's to have every Resident Evil game's villain to get killed off.
    "Oh yeah, SPOILERS, the villain dies, just like in every Resident Evil game" *shows Code Veronica* "Ok, almost all Resident Evil games."
  • Most Annoying Sound: Alice's voice in the first Bloody Roar, a lesser extent to Uriko in Bloody Roar 3, and just about everyone in Bloody Roar 4. Only exceptions include Long in Bloody Roar 3 and Ryoho in Bloody Roar 4, only for how hilarious they sound.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The end of the Pagemaster review, where he breaks down into repeating the Madness Mantra "Don't you want it?!" in an increasingly demonic voice while staring at the camera with glowing eyes.
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  • The Problem with Licensed Games: He has nothing but venom for the SNES games based upon James Bond Jr. and The Pagemaster. He goes on to call the latter "the worst purchase I have ever made", partially due to the fact that the game ended up destroying his SNES.
  • They Copied It, So It Sucks!: Discussed in the Cold Fear review. SCR mentioned that while Cold Fear was in development around the same time as Resident Evil 4, and does share a good amount of similarities, Resident Evil 4 changed its overall design around half way in Cold Fear's development, arguing that Dark Water Studios wouldn't have enough time to be a carbon copy of that game. Although he has compared the game to Resident Evil: Dead Aim, and said that Cold Fear is WAY better.
  • WTH, Casting Agency?: He has more than a few questions about Japanese comedian Patrick Harlan voicing the protagonist in Resident Evil Survivor.

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