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YMMV / Rayman Redemption

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  • Author's Saving Throw: The entire point of Rayman Redemption, obviously, but it's especially this for having an actual chance to fight Mr. Dark, which only happened in the obscure Game Boy Color version of the original.
  • Awesome Music: Especially the new music composed specifically for the game.
  • Best Level Ever: "Art Block", one of the new levels added for Picture City. It has just the right amount of challenge and has a very fun gimmick where Rayman can 'paint' platforms onto a nearby canvas with his fist, allowing for some very fun platforming and clever solutions to certain puzzles.
  • Breather Boss: Space Mama's third fight (the one in space) is arguably this, surprisingly, at least for veterans familiar with the original version of the boss. While she is by no means a pushover in this version, the original Space Mama fight was widely considered to be That One Boss since many of her attacks required very strict timing and prior knowledge of her attacks to dodge and were borderline unfair. By contrast, many of the unfair elements of the fight in Redemption were removed and replaced with attacks that are fairer and easier to dodge, making the fight seem much easier in comparison.
    • The Space Mama + Moskito + Mr. Sax segment of the Amalgamation battle is much easier than its variant in the original, since Rayman isn't shrunken at all this time.
  • Difficulty Spike:
    • Much like the original, it gets more difficult in Band Land and only cranks up from there.
    • A lot of the game is actually more reasonable than the original, but then comes Candy Chateau. It features very precise platforming on tiny platforms of slippery cake frosting surrounded by insta-killing Grimy Water. The two most common enemies in the area take multiple hits to beat and are set on the most devilish spots.
  • That One Attack:
    • Space Mama's new Wave-Motion Gun attack in the third encounter with her- a long lasting beam of energy that's fast and chews up a ton of the screen's real estate. If you didn't have the foresight to get to the edge of the screen before her Washing Machine starts spinning (which can likewise damage you), prepare to get steamrolled by it. Fortunately, you can avoid this attack by ducking under the washing machine before it fires (and it will never land on you).
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    • Skops the Scorpion's new rotating claw attack, which serves as a nasty surprise to veterans who were used to how easy he was in the original game. It's a fairly fast attack that takes up a big chunk of the area Rayman has to move around in, and its extremely difficult to dodge as a result.
    • Mr. Dark's lightning attack, especially given how fast the wind-up is (just a quick flash of the screen) and how long it electrifies the floor, forcing pin-point precision with the helicopter hair: if you jump too early or too late, you will take damage from it.


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