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Czerneda at the Polaris 26 sci-fi convention.

Julie E. Czerneda (1955-?) is a Canadian Speculative Fiction author. She is a biologist by training, and her books are rife with aliens that are truly alien. Her work has won several awards including four Prix Auroras.

She's also written and edited several nonfiction books on career guidance and science education.

Works by Julie E. Czerneda:

  • The Clan Chronicles:
    • The Trade Pact Universe:
      • A Thousand Words for Stranger (1997): Her debut novel.
      • Ties of Power (1999)
      • To Trade the Stars (2002)
    • The Stratification Trilogy: A prequel to the Trade Pact trilogy detailing the origins of the Mhiray.
      • Reap the Wild Wind (2007)
      • Riders of the Storm (2008)
      • Rift in the Sky (2009)

  • In The Company Of Others (2001): A standalone novel that won a Prix Aurora for Best Long Form in English and was Romantic Times' 2001 Reviewers' Choice: Best Science Fiction Novel.

  • Nights Edge
    • A Turn of Light (2013)
    • A Play of Shadow (2014)

  • Space Inc (2003): An anthology of short stories edited by Czerneda, which earned her a Prix Aurora for Best Editor.

  • Species Imperative: A trilogy of biology, politics and survival in a multi-species, interstellar future.
    • Survival (2004)
    • Migration (2005)
    • Regeneration (2006)

  • Web Shifters: A trilogy revolving around the adventures of the shapeshifter Esen-alit-Quar.
    • Beholder's Eye (1998)
    • Changing Vision (2000)
    • Hidden in Sight (2003)