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  • Archive Panic: The show currently has been running since 2007 with over 100 episodes. It doesn't help that season 5 at first released new episodes at the end of every month, then it eventually became bi-weekly and there are still side story specials that explore the backgrounds of other characters. Each season has been getting longer and longer as well; season 1 had 10 episodes, season 2 had 18, season 3 had 34, season 4 had 37, and season 5 had 75.
  • Awesome Music: Even though the soundtrack is very limited and can occasionally become Mood Dissonance, it's still very beautiful.
    • The opening theme "Moonlight" by Anson Hu.
    • "Snow Jade Flower", Snow Lady's Leitmotif.
  • Base-Breaking Character: Tian Ming, the protagonist himself. A lot of fans don't like him for being too annoying, being disrespectful to everyone around him, and taking up screentime for characters who deserve it more. But others find him adorable, hilarious, and has shown genuine character development. It's no surprise that he doesn't rank very high in popularity polls; even Yan Lu beats him by one place, despite not even having half the screen time as he does.
  • Ear Worm: Due to the series's rather limited soundtrack, a lot of the music can become this.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Priestess of Birth has placed very high on popularity polls and has a lot of fanart even though she has zero speaking lines and is only a minor villain at best. She even starred in her own OVA.
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    • Yan Lu, for being an Adorkable Nice Guy, he even beats Tian Ming in the popularity poll.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Wei Zhuang, Crimson Snake, White Phoenix, and Priestess of Death all qualify.
  • Foe Yay:
    • Wei Zhuang and Ge Nie, as Wei Zhuang is absolutely devoted to fighting against Ge Nie and vows that only he should be the person who should kill him. Season 5 has eventually made them Back-to-Back Badasses during their mission on rescuing Dao Zhi and Pao Ding.
    • Likewise, Dao Zhi likes to mess with White Phoenix and Zhang Han, and engages in quite a bit of Snark-to-Snark Combat with both of them. It was also joked in-series that the Priestess of Birth is interested in him. It doesn't help that official wallpapers and specials like to show White Phoenix and Dao Zhi off facing with each other. In fact, if you put them in the same party in the Mobile RPG their speed increases due to them competing on who's the fastest.
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    • During their Designated Girl Fight, Crimson Snake traps Snow Lady in an illusion, gets up really close to her and taunts her, which includes complimenting her looks.
    • The Manhua adaptation of season 5 has Crimson Snake cradling the comatose Duanmu Rong in her arms and touching her face.
  • Foe Yay Shipping: There's lots. There will be at least some fanart for every Foe Yay ship possible, which can range from Wei Zhuang/Ge Nie, Crimson Snake/Snow Lady, White Phoenix/Dao Zhi, Zhang Han/Dao Zhi, Dao Zhi/Priestess of Birth, Star Wraith/Tian Ming, Shen Qi/Yan Lu, and it goes on.
  • Funny Moments: The promotional trailers and specials.
    • The end of the trailer for Season 5 has Ge Nie and Wei Zhuang look like they're going in for an intense battle as their allies watch... only for it to cut to them playing the Qin's Moon mobile game intensely on their phones. Chi Lian, Hidden Bat, Snow Lady, and Dao Zhi look shocked, while White Phoenix and Gao Jianli look completely unimpressed.
    • Zhang Han has a mock interview about the events, which include a lot of retakes with Dao Zhi's arrest, to Zhang Han's annoyance.
  • Ho Yay: Being a series where the majority of the cast are male, it won't be surprising to see some Ho Yay here.
    • Zhang Liang and Yan Lu. The many moments of them having long conversations with each other heavily shows how Zhang Liang trusts Yan Lu the most. Yan Lu almost always knows whenever Zhang Liang is up to something and Zhang Liang usually confesses without a second thought. When Fu Nian finds out that Shaoyu and Tian Ming are wanted criminals and are hiding in the Confucius school, Yan Lu tries to take all of the blame for Zhang Liang. Fu Nian then threatens to punish Yan Lu by expelling him from the school, so Zhang Liang starts showing a lot of concern and attempts to argue back with why they should not be punished despite Yan Lu trying to tell him to stop.
      • The manhua adaptation also included Zhang Liang requesting Li Si to let him team up with Yan Lu to fight against Sheng Qi, despite Yan Lu telling him he can handle him alone, which did not occur in the show.
    • Tian Ming once kissed Shaoyu on the cheek in The Movie. In the season 4 finale, after they crash landed onto the Mirage, Shaoyu cradles an unconscious Tian Ming on his lap, and when Tian Ming woke up, he smiles at him.
    • Although it's Twincest, the token females of the Six Sword Slaves, Miehun and Zhuanpo, are featured in a promotional image where shows them touching each other rather seductively.
    • When Tian Ming is trying to grab the Black Dragon Scroll from Zimu in his sleep, the rope he uses snaps and he falls onto the ground, Zimu unconsciously rolls over and starts cuddling him.
      • After Tian Ming takes the Black Dragon Scroll, he grabs a sleeping Zicong and makes him and Zimu snuggle each other. When Fu Nian catches the disciples sleeping, they woke up screaming at each other's faces.
    • Meng Tian and Fu Su during season 5, when Fu Su gets banished by Ying Zheng to the northern region and is poisoned, Meng Tian happens to be the only person to show concern about him. Not even Ying Zheng, Fu Su's own father, bats an eye at him collapsing.
  • Jerkass Woobie:
    • Crimson Snake spent her life locked inside her castle and later watched it burn down.
    • White Phoenix is a cold blooded assassin but at the end of Birdsong in Hollow Valley, he witnesses the deaths of his friends and could not do anything about it, and Wei Zhuang had to tell him how weak he was to rub salt onto the wound.
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Everyone to an extent is this, however the one who has the most ships is White Phoenix, he has been shipped with Crimson Snake, Priestess of Birth, Nong Yu, Wei Zhuang, Ink Crow, and Dao Zhi.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • Yue'er's past, a young girl witnessing her kingdom being massacred before her eyes.
    • Star Wraith's unsettling interest in Yue'er, and then taking control of her in season 5.
  • Portmanteau Couple Name: For just about every ship:
    • Ge Nie/Duanmu Rong is Nie Rong
    • Gao Jianli/Snowlady (Xue Nv) is Gao Xue
    • Tianming/Gao Yue is Ming Yue
    • Shaoyu/Shi Lan is Yu Lan
    • Wei Zhuang/Chilian is Wei Lian
    • Zhang Liang/Yan Lu is Liang Yan
    • Ink Crow/White Phoenix is Mo Feng/Ink Phoenix
    • And so on...
  • Shipping: Especially in the Chinese fandom, doesn't help that the show has Loads and Loads of Characters. It even went as far of having a popularity poll category exclusively for ships.
  • Strangled by the Red String: All the canon couples with the possible exception of Gao Jianli/Snow Lady have little to no build up.
  • Take That, Scrappy!: Detractors of Tian Ming were very satisfied when Snow Lady threatened to decapitate him in her introduction scene.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • Yue'er's past, not only did the poor girl witness the Qin Empire massacring her kingdom, but she also witnessed her father being killed by Wei Zhuang. And to makes things worst, it is revealed that her father is still alive but dies before he was able to see his own daughter again.
    • Duanmu Rong's Heroic Sacrifice.
    • The death of Ah Gang, who was sent to find reinforcements only to be told that the King of Yan has abandoned the kingdom and gets taken hostage by the Qin soldiers. He gets taken back to Iron Hammer to tell that there is no hope left for the Yan army to fight back against the Qin. Ah Gang then gets stabbed by Meng Tian and dies in Iron Hammer's arms.
    • Dao Zhi's breakdown in response to the prison guard's sacrifice, which was over a lie.
    • Zhongli Mei's death. Although the next episode it turns out to be a Disney Death and he somehow survived beyond all odds.
    • Xiao Ling's death, even though he initially tried to blame the girl who would be named Priestess of Birth when they were caught. He entered the Yin-Yang School to find his missing sister, and when he asks to know about her status before he dies, he only gets played with by Star Wraith. When the girl finds herself unable to beg for his life and is pressured by the Yin-Yang leaders, Xiao Ling urges her to kill him and purposely draws out her full potential, then drops his guard, lets himself take the full brunt of her attack, and throws himself into the pit. What makes it even worse is the suggestion is that Shao Siming is the sister he's been looking for all along.
  • Uncanny Valley: A lot of scenes in Season 1 has really stiff animation and the characters have dead faces that do not match with their lines. Thankfully season 1 has been remastered with season 2 graphics, where the animation has improved and the characters express more emotions, although the animation still isn't very fluid as the newer seasons.
  • The Woobie:
    • Yue'er. She has witnessed the massacre of her kingdom and the murder of her father. Her father has also left her heartbroken mother for another woman, she gets forcefully taken away by her best friend by the Moon Goddess and then brainwashed into being a Yin Yang disciple, and lastly her father has been revealed to be alive the whole time only to die before they could see each other again. Many would wish she gets a happy ending.
    • Tian Ming becomes this during season 3. The pressure of being the new Mohist leader, a choice that he never made, is only worsened by the Mohist chiefs' lack of trust in him and belief that Prince Yan Dan had made a poor decision. It doesn't help that when he and Shaoyu become students at the Confucian School, he gets bullied by all the disciples and to a lesser extent, even the teachers. He breaks down twice, venting out his feelings to The Unparalleled Demon, a former enemy that tried to kill him very early in the series.

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