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  • Base-Breaking Character: Abstracty can be considered either an interesting, uniquely-designed character or someone/something incredibly frightening and borderline Uncanny Valley in the eyes of the viewers. Thankfully to those who see him as weird, they went as soon as they came.
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  • Crosses the Line Twice: Who lets an 11-month-old baby compete, and later constantly die, in a competition show? Only Airy, apparently.
  • Elimination Houdini: Many wanted Contact Lens out on episode 3, due to him not having a personality. However, Contact Lens was declared safe, which surprised these voters. Instead, Magazine was eliminated, which also surprised them.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Though she did get A Day in the Limelight in "Rhetorical Molds", fans have liked Moldy to the point where she has been referred to as a "girlboss".
  • Fridge Brilliance: The voting forms don't have an expiry date, so they haven't closed yet. As Stone tells the audience, Backpack, and Soda Bottle in ONE 4, the votes don't matter.
  • Fridge Horror: Since the second batch of contestants live in the same world as humans, who are unaware of their existence and use them normally like inanimate objects, one can assume that food-based objects are cooked and/or eaten alive (think G-rated Sausage Party) by these humans, blissfully filling their appetites as they do so. Luckily, Airline Food and Whippy Creamy escape this fate, especially the former since he was about to get served to a passenger before teleporting, by joining the show.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Almost the entirety of Backpack's drowning sequence. After being forced into the challenge by an unaware Airy, he eventually struggles to stay afloat due to his heavy cast, and ultimately sinks. Scenty tries to rescue him, but he passes out before she can do so. Cut to him being sent into the titular 'La Salle D'attente', while he's out. A pretty place, but somewhat unsettling. When he's revived, the poor guy drops to his knees, while the others rush to his aid, and start calling out for him to no avail. Cut to the credits, where everything is shadows, with only Backpack's eyes visible.

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