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    Theories about Airy and the Plane 

Airy is a caricature of a normal object show creator trying to make an interesting show, by giving their contestants some independence.

(Most of) The cast are dead.
  • As this theory suggests, all of the characters (excluding the ones from the parallel universe.), are deceased. Airy is actually a supernatural, God-like being capable of controling/manipulating life and death (but he hides this fact to avoid panic.). The 'Plane' is a place where the spirits stay while waiting for judgement on whether they can proceed to the afterlife; which, in this case, is 'The Waiting Room'(seen in episode 6). That's why the characters cannot 'die' perminantely—-because they are already dead. Considering the voters are not real, Airy chooses whether it's the spirits/contestants time (s) to go. When Backpack 'died', he saw the first parts of the real afterlife.
    • Jossed. Backpack returns back to his world in ONE 9, and he appears to be perfectly okay.

Airy [[spoiler: deliberately planned for the contestants to be eliminated in the order that they were
  • [[spoiler: In the first episode, the challenge heavily favoured Amelia, who lampshades it - 'the more I think about it, I'm starting to think this challenge was made for me'. This quote was never made reference to again.


Put your theories for where the next batches of characters will come from.
  • A universe resembling civil rights movement-era America, where objects exist and are frequently discriminated against. Many businesses refuse service to an outdated word for objects.
    • That's gonna be a Jossed. See ONE 3.
    • It's Jossed for the third, but I still have a feeling that this will be one of the future batches' setting though.
      • Mm, that's fair, but I doubt there's gonna be any future batches since the show introduces contestants in batches of six. Just to let you know, there are four teams now.

Put your theories for what Soda Bottle and Moldy's real names are here.
  • Soda Bottle's name is John just because he looks like one in my opinion.
  • I'd pretty much say Utah for Moldy.
    • Nevermind, I Jossed myself. Her name is actually Charlotte (see ONE 5).

Backpack or Soda Bottle will be eliminated in ONE 6.
  • Jossed. Texty was eliminated

The contestants will realise they're being watched and controlled a la the Truman Show

The next season will be a prequel to the first.
  • looks to be Jossed

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